Personalized learning

Personalized learning can be referred to as an educational approach which aims to customize the learning for each student based on his/her needs, strengths, interests and skills. Under this educational approach, each student gets a customized learning plan for the best learning. According to the ideology of personalized learning, a classroom doesn’t fit everyone to get educated. It is obvious that the teachers could not lead and guide all the students through the same lessons. The teacher is allowed to guide each student through an individual journey. Under this program, the students may learn different skills in different places. However, the personalized learning plans to keep the students on the track to meet the standards like a high school diploma. It is a program under which the kids learn things in different ways and at different places. Each student gets a personalized learning plan after the assessment of how he learns, what his skills and what he knows. The students are allowed to work with their teachers to set long-term as well as short-term goals. It also helps the students to take ownership of their learning. The program also enforces the teachers to make sure that learning plans must meet the academic standards. Such learning is not a substitute for the program like Special Education as it lies under the general learning program. It helps the students to build self-advocacy skills. It provides a chance for the students to explore their interests. It offers pedagogy, curriculum and learning environment for meeting the needs of the individual student. It such a learning environment, the objectives, content, method, and pace all might vary. It supports student progress based on the subject. If you don’t want to be a part of a personalized learning program, availing Assignment Help Melbourne will be the best option to accomplish academic standards.

Example of Personalized Learning: Personalized Learning Program by the NSW department of education

There are a number of nations and territories that are guiding the schools to follow the personalized learning program in a distinct manner. Following is one of the examples ofa personalized learning program

Personalized Learning by NSW department of education

Personalized Learning Pathways is a program proposed by the NSW Department of Education. It is an active process in NSW. It is developed as the consultation process between the teachers, parents, and students for identifying, organizing and applying the personal approaches for personal learning and engagement. PLP can have short-term goals as well as long-term goals. The short-term goals are the steps to achieve long-term goals. This program is applicable for all the aboriginal students which is tailored to the student and reviewed or updated on a regular basis. The program recommends the schools and communities of NSW to develop a PLP which suits their local needs. It is a compulsory subject as Stage 1 of the students and applicable to the students lie under the age of 10. It helps to plan the future of the students and assist them to choose their subjects at the age of 11 and 12. As the per the criteria of the Education Department of NSW, the student must achieve at least C grade to successfully complete the PLP subject. The subject provides the document as the guide for the teachers to conduct the personalized learning pathways for the aboriginal students. It also provides the planning to teach, assessment criteria, supporting materials, forms, workshops and meetings, and policies.

Planning to teach

It provides the information and materials to teach this subject including the information essential for the assessment and teaching and material for the development of the learning and teaching programs relevant to the subject outline. If this doesn’t work, seeking ‘write my essay’ services from experts is a reliable option.

Assessment of learning of the student

To assess the performance of the students, level of achievement of the students is marked with grade between A to E for stage 1. To pass the subject, the student score at least C grade. It demonstrates the level of learning and the quality of their learning.

Support Materials

These materials help the teachers in the development of teaching programs and resources. It includes: –

  1. Exemplars of learning and assessment plan
  2. Task sheets
  3. Annotated student work in the written as well as non-written forms

Workshops and meetings

They are used to accommodate the teachers, students, and parents in the venue to provide the materials for personalized learning. It could be the workshop of two working days or seven working days using video conferencing.

Policy Inclusion of NSW PLP

  1. It should engage the students in the discussion of their aspiration goals
  2. It should contain the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound) goals.
  3. It should support the students to realize their life-long goals and aspirations.
  4. It should record the academic goals and aspirations to account the spiritual, social, emotional and physical well-being of the students.
  5. It should be developed as the partnership with the parents/ care-takers with the support of aboriginal staff and special school staff.
  6. It should articulate the learning pathways for pursuing the student’s identified goals.
  7. It should be easily accessible through the hard copied plans or online program for the students, families, and staff.
  8. It should be owned by the student and engage the student in the development, monitoring and review processes.
  9. It should include literacy and numeracy component for all the students those are lagging behind and should be negotiated with the student, teacher and parent/ care-taker.
  10. It should include exceptional learning to fulfill the potential of the learners.


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