As there are varieties of diseases that you find these days, so the number of treatments for the same is also increasing. But not all surgeries are associated with diseases but some surgeries are for maintaining the perfect shape of your body and to look younger, some are breast reduction surgeries, surgery for increasing the size of the breast, hair implantation surgery, etc. One type of surgery that is preferred by several people these days is plastic surgery in which the shape of any body part is changed. Cosmetic

surgery and plastic surgery are closely related. You can find a various cosmetic surgeon in Punjab if you are from Punjab and looking for a doctor to help you with your types of problems.

What is plastic surgery?

To know about cosmetic surgery, you should know what is plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is a kind of surgery that includes three processes, restoration, reconstruction, and alteration. There are two types of plastic surgeries, reconstructive plastic surgery, and cosmetic plastic surgery. The reconstructive plastic surgery is carried out in some accident cases in which the surgeon follows the process of facial transplant, scalp transplant, attach body parts, microsurgery, and replacement of some burnt part of the body.

But in the case of cosmetic surgery, there is no reason for which the doctor is compelled to carry out the surgery but it is mostly preferred to enhance the beauty or modify any of the body parts to increases your beauty and confidence. The main aim behind cosmetic surgery is to change the shape or look of any body part without affecting its function to increase its beauty.

What is a cosmetic surgeon?

Cosmetic surgery is no different from plastic surgery, using which you can get look and figure according to your desire. If any part of the body doesn’t have a perfect shape, then it might affect your whole personality so it is better to consult a cosmetic surgeon who will help you in this matter by giving you tips that you can follow to maintain a perfect body structure. So, it is a sub-branch of plastic surgery.

Types of cosmetic surgery

There are mainly three types of cosmetic surgery, non-invasive plastic surgery, minimally invasive plastic surgery, and invasive plastic surgery. The non-invasive plastic surgery includes all types of laser and Lasik surgeries like reducing the power of the glasses you use, dermabrasion that is used to remove the scars using a laser, etc. In minimal invasive plastic surgery, no cuts have been made on the body rather Botox injections are being used to reduce the wrinkles in the body, and increase the size of the lips, etc. In the third type i.e. invasive cosmetic surgery, the examples include body shaping and liposuction in which the extra fats are removed by using surgery to tighten the skin and make you look younger.

 You can find a different cosmetic surgeon in Punjab who will help you in changing the shape of your body part and make it as per your desire. They provide cost-effective treatment and helps in making you feel more confident.


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