Are you afraid of showing off your toenails because they are ugly? Houston KeryFlex Toenail Restoration brings back the beautiful appearance of your nails. The system is used to repair and remodel damaged nails because it uses composite resin to allow the remaining natural nail to grow. The cosmetic improvement from Houston toenail restoration is immediate and the nail is unaffected by nail polishes, acetone, or detergents.

Who is eligible for the KeryFlex procedure?

This procedure is not for curing any disease but the Houston toenail restoration of mild to moderate nails impairment caused by

  • Disfiguration of nails due to injury.
  • Nail fungus.
  • Horizontal ridges.
  • Splitting and brittle nails.
  • Spoon-shaped nails.
  • Discolored nails.

How does KeryFlex work?

The system consists of three main components

  1. Bonding agent – Used to optimize the adhesion of KeryFlex to the natural nail.
  2. Resin – It is a lightweight and medical-grade gel to allow for contouring and sculpting.
  3. Sealant –it is a UV topcoat to seal and cure the nail so that it is non-permeable and non-porous.

Why choose KeryFlex?

  1. It is an option for patients with damaged toenails.
  2. It delivers a significant immediate cosmetic enhancement with one treatment.
  • It feels and looks natural.
  1. When undergoing antifungal treatment regimens, the nails look cosmetically pleasing.
  2. KeryFlex restoration system allows for the nails to bend with the natural movement of the feet and toes.
  3. The procedure is compatible with human tissue and does not damage the underlying skin or nail.
  • KeryFlex allows the nail to grow naturally.
  • The nail is non-porous, so no moisture penetrates between the prosthetic and natural nail.
  1. It is unaffected by detergents, nail polish, or acetone.
  2. The treatment is applied in the sanitary setting of a podiatrist.
  3. There are two colors available opaque and natural.

Who is not eligible for KeryFlex?

This nail restoration procedure is not suitable for patients with peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease, ingrown toenails, arterial insufficiency, or suspicious pigmented lesions. Also, persons who are sensitive or allergic to its ingredients, nursing or pregnant they should avoid the treatment. A Houston nail restoration specialist will be in a good position to determine if you are eligible for the KeryFlex nail restoration procedure.

What to expect from Houston KeryFlex Toenail Restoration

Once you are in the podiatrist’s office he/she will determine if KeryFlex is right for you. Using an electronic file or a nail clipper to trim and file down the nails. Once the nail is ready and prepared the nail the process of restoration can begin. The bonding agent and resin are applied. Then ultraviolet light is used to harden it. The nail is filed, molded, and shaped smooth. The sealant is applied last and cured with the light. Depending on the condition of the nail the procedure can take only 30 minutes depending on the condition and the number of nails being restored. Voila! Look at your beautiful nails, you are ready to show them off.


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