Dr Kevin Lv leads the Asia Pacific Business division at JD.com. He joined a recent podcast series by Deloitte dubbed Future of Mobility. The subject at hand was focused on digitizing product movement. You can access the series on ten podcast channels. Dr. Kevin Lv discussed this issue alongside the MD of operations at FedEx Express, Audrey Cheong. These two speakers talked about the movement of products in Southeast Asia.

They also discussed the measures adopted by businesses to improve service levels for effective deliveries. These steps are geared towards fueling innovations in the field of logistics. When it comes to revenue, JD.com is the largest Chinese retail firm. It is also among the biggest logistics service providers nationwide. Dr. Kevin Lv said that the company sought to make the most of its logistics expertise and R&D abilities.

These would assist in the development of the organization’s global logistics system, particularly in the Southeast Asian area. At the moment, JD.com has developed two ventures in Thailand and Indonesia. JD Central and JD.ID will further increase the presence of the company in the Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. JD.com news discloses that the system capabilities and customer experience are two major sectors that JD.com seeks to introduce to its partners and clients in the region.

Audrey Cheong realized that China and Singapore were delivery centers. The two nations are actively using tech solutions to support product movement in line with the demands of the market. There is a strong development of eCommerce, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The two speakers projected that the logistics industry would go through a fast digitalization and industrialization process in the future.

The transformation would come at a time when businesses will strive to navigate issues and address the increasing demands. Tech adoption would aid the logistics sector and boost transparency and operational effectiveness. The use of new techs such as 5G, robotics, and the Internet of Things would develop more opportunities for small to mid-sized companies. An innovation report done by Deloitte in 2019 revealed that by 2025, the digital economy of Southeast Asia was likely to surpass $300 billion.

Particularly, the eCommerce sector is indicating a persistent and strong growth presence. Today, clients have more expectations for immediate access to their deliveries. The two firms are making the most of new technologies such as no-contact delivery service, drones, online inventory management, and automatic sorting hubs. These technologies are preparing for the prospects of product movement. JD Worldwide has partnered with KITA (Korea International Trade Association) and LG.

Through this partnership, Chinese clients will access Korean brands. The KITA chief agent in Beijing, Park Min Young, mentioned that the pandemic had urged more consumers in China to shop on the internet. This pattern will facilitate the exportation of Korean products to China via eCommerce channels. LG will be in charge of managing the supply chain that offers South Korean items to JD.

Frank Yu is the operations and marketing leader at JD Worldwide. He mentioned that since the pandemic, the division had been working with several businesses to introduce more global brands on the JD.com platform. According to Frank Yu, the alliance will assist brands in discovering reliable sales channels to get through these difficult times. It would also provide the 380 million clients with genuine, standard Korean items. In May, over 250 businesses from Korea attended the launch of JD Worldwide.

A Brief History

According to the recent JD.com news, the firm allows renowned, dependable third-party sellers to directly sell their items to clients. Authorized sellers could use mobile channels or the company’s website to provide their wide array of products while improving customer experience. They may also utilize the established infrastructure from JD.com to offer financing, marketing, value-added, and client targeting services.


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