Machine Learning

Irrespective of your location, professional status or industry you are probably facing instances of machine learning in your everyday life. Take for example searching for something on Google. If you are a technical professional you should be in the know of machine learning not only because it is a massive component of the contemporary technological advancement but also because it has great career opportunities. And for those who have actually heard a thing or two about machine learning, this article is a chance to evaluate and enhance your understanding. Then who knows, if you are interested, you can even take up a machine learning certification course and make an exciting turn in your career.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning refers to the process and the techniques involved in using a machine to deal with vast amounts of data in an intelligent manner in order to gain actionable insights.

How it is done

Machine learning is essentially a task oriented operation. The first and most important step is identifying the problem you want to solve with it. Once that is done, you collect a vast amount of data and sort it for relevance. This data can be statistical, textual or visual. The sorted data is usually classified in two parts: train data and test data. The train data is put through the algorithms to train them to recognize certain patterns. And the test data is used to test the accuracy of the algorithmic models.

Machine learning in action

Let us try to understand the concept with a relatable example. We all use Google to search for stuff, do we not? So, how does the search engine actually come up with the best results every time? Let us suppose you want to find the best driving school in your locality. You search for it in Google and you find the names indexed according to their popularity. Google uses trained machines known as crawlers to search the web for pages that match your search. The crawlers do not only look for the key words in your search in the pages but also index those pages by analyzing the authenticity of the use of those keywords. They literally read the articles and the reviews to understand if the page they are recommending is really good for you. Now, that is how you reap the benefits of machine learning on a regular basis.

Doing away with some confusions

Machine learning is often confused or used interchangeably with artificial intelligence, data mining and/or deep learning. In reality these are all related concepts which can easily be distinguished from each other.

Machine learning is a subset of AI. Machine learning is the very step of feeding an AI system with the data it needs to learn making rational decisions.

Data mining is different from ML in that it is used to sift through large amounts of data in search of certain information whereas machine learning is focused towards completing a given task.

Deep learning is a development on the top of machine learning that imitates the mechanism of a human brain.

If you now feel more aware of what machine learning is and where it stands in respect to other technologies, hopefully you can find the confidence to actually learn it. It is a great time to enrol for a machine learning certification course and embrace the opportunities.


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