The tyres of your vehicle need to be changed as they get old. It is important to know the age of your tyre since it affects the car’s performance without you even realizing it. Therefore, finding the age of your tyre and knowing to replace it with Tyres Risca is critical. Not paying attention to the ageing tyres can result in problems handling the car, safety issues, and more.

How Durable is a Car Tyre?

There is no specific answer when it comes to the durability of the car tyres. It is estimated based on the type of car tyre, its brand, its usage, and many more. However, in most cases, the manufacturer will advise you to replace the car tyre every 5-6 years, irrespective of how damaged or fine the tread pattern appears. Tyre lifespan can go up to 10 years in some cases, provided you give timely maintenance and checking to the tyre once a year.

The common things that affect the durability of your car tyre are-

  • Its usage. Whether you drive your car frequently or daily.
  • Storage. The storage area of the tyre- dirt and heat exposure.

What are the Signs of an Ageing Tyre?

Tyres begin to wear out before you even notice the signs of an ageing tyre. Moreover, the tyres sitting in your garage are more likely to age if you do not cover the average distance of 8,000 miles a year with them. This is the heat, dirt, and different weather conditions the tyres in the garage have to deal with throughout the year.

Here are the signs of ageing showed by tyres.

Tread pattern. The uneven or distorting tread pattern of the tyre is the most common sign of an ageing tyre. If the tyre shows a damaged tread pattern, especially when it is 4-5 years old, it is time that you replace it.

Tyre sidewalls. If you keep your car outside more than in the garage, then the ruptured sidewalls shout not be surprised, and it is important to get a new pair of Cheap tyres Newport. Cracking and breaking sidewalls of the tyre is an alarming sign of the old age of the tyre.

Tread depth. If the tread depth of your tyres is below 1.6 mm, then it is not safe or legal to drag those tyres anymore. Tread depth affects your driving, especially when you drive in difficult road conditions and is an ultimate sign of tyres ageing.

Checking Your Tyre’s Age

To check the tyre’s age, you have to look for the 10 or 12 digits serial tyre identification number mentioned on the tyre’s sidewall. You can also call it a DOT number since that is the acronym you see before the number. This tyre identification number displays the week and the year in which the concerned tyre was manufactured.

Superior-quality Cheap Tyres Risca can easily be found at a garage near you. It is not easy to say that your tyre has not aged just because it appears fine on the surface. So the experts at some garages also run a free tyre check if you are not sure whether your tyre is old enough or eligible for the replacement.


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