In the general public consciousness, the word “hacker” is usually used to refer to cybercriminals and has a negative and negative connotation. However, technically speaking, in some jurisdictions, basically anyone, regardless of their intentions and capabilities, can be a hacker who uses knowledge of software and hardware to disable or bypass security measures in a given device, program, or network.

Nowadays, thanks to the great popularity of social networking sites, cybercriminals can more easily obtain information about the company or their clients’ data. Although the awareness of cyber threats in Poland is growing, specialists in this field are still missing. That is why company owners are looking for people in the area of ​​IT security. The so-called Pentester, also known as an ethical hacker.

What kind of studies should Pentester graduate from?

Of course, IT studies and experience as a programmer, analyst or administrator will give you an easier start in this profession. First of all, you need to understand how different technologies work and develop a curiosity to learn new solutions. The best Pentesters with CEH certification in Middle East are enthusiasts, people connected with the network and programming from an early age, learning from their mistakes. It is important to know the inside out about how networks work at the infrastructure level, network protocols and numerous programming languages. Assuming that you enjoy it, it is worth investing in book knowledge, i.e. theoretical knowledge, as well as participating in all kinds of courses. It is best to look for companies that want to invest in Pentester’s education and development or offer internships where you can hack real systems under the supervision of qualified employees.

Moving beyond the realm of film and literary fiction, where the stereotype of the modern hacker has undoubtedly been born, “hacking” is legally illegal, unless the hacker compromises the security of the system with the consent of the owner.

Another element in the world of hackers derived from film fiction is a kind of metaphorical “hat” according to which they are classified: “white”, “gray” and “black.” The color of a hacker’s hat is determined by its relationship with the law, i.e. motivation and possibly permission to acting outside generally accepted rules. As mentioned above, the owner’s consent can make the hacker’s activity legal, which makes him/her a white hacker with networking course in Dubai. White hat hacking, in Internet slang, refers to the so-called “ethical hacker”, i.e. a de facto employee or contractor dealing with penetration testing (or other methods), which is to reveal security deficiencies and, consequently, ensure the security of the organization’s systems.

How much does Pentester earn?

A large percentage of companies spend enormous amounts of money looking for IT solutions. Software manufacturers pay the greatest attention to quality and good functionality, often forgetting about security issues. The result is not only financial losses but also many hacker victims who exploit certain software vulnerabilities. Due to the importance of the work of an ethical hacker, the remuneration offered to him ranges from USD 1600-2,000 net for a beginner Pentester to even USD 8,000-10,000 for an experienced specialist.


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