The popularity of camping has risen to a huge new level with the gradual cultural shift towards travel and leisure. This has led to new markets and new products forming a part of the vogue. A fine example of this is the worldwide recognition of the canvas bell tent. Every camping activity whether it’s in the backyard of one’s home, at a local camping site, or even after an adventurous trek, requires the perfect bell tent for the maximum delight.

Why Choose Canvas Bell Tents?

Though there are bell tents manufactured with various materials,canvas, nylon, and polyester being the most prominent ones. Tents of synthetic fabrics could be cheap, requiring low-maintenance, and may dry faster. Nonetheless, they have many drawbacks as compared to the canvas ones. They are not as breathable and may lead to feeling suffocated. Also, there might be an accumulation of moisture in the tent leading to irritating water droplets, and damage and mold.

On the other hand, a canvas bell tent is more insulating than the synthetic one. They keep the atmosphere in the tent cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. They are not annoyingly noisy in the wind like synthetic tents. Their color and texture is more durable and does not fade away with continued exposure to the sun.

Moreover, the manufacture of synthetic tent fabrics involves chemicals toxic to the environment. The discarded synthetic tents may end up in landfills further polluting the environment.

  • They become waterproof after the first few uses.
  • Good quality tents have enough tensile strength to stand in stormy weather sturdily.
  • They are highly ventilating.
  • Upon refraction of the morning light by the material in the tent, they make for a beautiful vibe.

These were some other usual benefits of the canvas bell tent.

Choosing the right size of bell tents

The information that should be crucial to you while buying a bell tent is how many people the tent would accumulate. This might not be exactly presented by the size in meters of the bell tent. The size of a tent varies from 3 to 7m. Generally, the classifications for tent sizes relating to the number of people who would fit in are made as follows.

  • 3 meters: Has height and diameter about 200 cm and 300 cm respectively; accommodates 2 people
  • 4 meters: Has height and diameter about 250 cm and 400 cm respectively; accommodates 4 people
  • 5 meters: Has height and diameter about 275 cm and 450 cm respectively; accommodates 4 people
  • 5 meters: Has height and diameter about 300 cm and 500 cm respectively; accommodates 5 people
  • 6 meters: Has height and diameter about 350 cm and 600 cm respectively; accommodates 6 people

These measurements of canvas bell tent do not take into account that people camp with their luggage along with them. These include bags, camping gear, torches, camp chairs, and some may have camp furniture too. Therefore, decide the size you need based on the stuff and space you would like to have in your tent. It is better to take one size larger than the one specified for the number of people you would be.

Key features to look for in bell tents

To make your camping trip the most comfortable and soothing it can be, look for some important characteristics in the canvas bell tent you buy.

  • They should zip off the ground.

This will make cleaning much easier and prevent clumsiness in your tent. You can also roll the walls up and have increased ventilation. To not have repair expenses after purchase, ensure high-quality zips.

  • They should have an excellent finish

The stitching should reflect extreme care and quality. Make sure the corners are not cut and threads are strong. If areas of high impact have reinforced stitching and double stitching, it will improve durability.

  • They should have fire-retarding material.

Only some of the tents are made of flame-retardant material. Make sure your canvas bell tent is rid of any flammable substance. You should always prioritize safety over anything else.

  • They should mesh walls

Walls under the sides that are sides to be rolled-up with mesh will protect you from mosquitoes and other insects.

Moreover, you should look for sellers that provide correct information. This is because the quality and worth of a bell tent are revealed to you only when it is erected fully. You will have to attain proper knowledge by checking the websites of some best-sellers like White Duck. By choosing the perfect canvas bell tent you’d be able to enjoy camping to the fullest.


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