A plantar wart is a common skin condition that can be contagious. It is an abnormal ugly bumpgrowth,that is a result of infection of the HPV (human papillomavirus). The warts are caused by a virus and can be spread through touch but when you are on your feet itis painful. Warts on the bottom of your feet are known as plantar warts, they can go away on their own or can be removed. With every single step, the pain and discomfort are always present. They usually appear on the footpoints that experience most pressure when moving or standing, though the pressure flattens the wart. If you squeeze the wart and it is painful, this should lead you to seek plantar wart removal Houston.

What is the best plantar wart treatment?

The best is leaving it alone until it goes away on its own, but if it is painful and spreading to the other areas, seek plantar wart removal Houston services for immediate relief. You can buy a topical wart remover from the pharmacy, however, sometimes they can be ineffective because the plantar warts are located deep in the skin and over-the-counter removal creams remove the top layer of skin and the wart is left inside the skin and recurs.

Prescription-strength wart medication

There are strong medications available by prescription and they are better than over-the-counter options. The strength wart medication peels away wart layer by layer until it is entirely removed.


Freezing or cryotherapy is an effective wart removal option. Freezing is done using liquid nitrogen applied on the wart with a cotton swab or spray. Freezing is done through multiple treatments spacing two or three weeks until the entire wart is removed.


Plantar warts are the body’s response to an infection. In this treatment medications and solutions are used to boost the immune system to fight plantar warts. This treatment sometimes is used as the last result if other treatments don’t work. the podiatrist injects or applies a topical solution to stimulate the system to aid in treatment.

Plantar wart removal surgery

When all the other treatments fail, surgery is considered as the remaining option when you seek foot wart removal in Texas. The podiatrist will help you know the best option. Surgical options include electrosurgery, curettage, and laser surgery. In electrosurgery is the use of an electric needle used to cut the infected wart. The curettage uses a spoon-like instrument to dig out the wart. Laser surgery uses laser energy to burn the tiny blood vessels inside the wart and the tissue dies eventually falls off.

Plantar warts can be prevented by keeping the feet dry and clean to keep bacteria off. Warts are spread through touching to avoid spreading to not scratch or pick on them. After you attend the wart wash your hands to avoid spreading. Wear good footwear that protects the soles of the feet. HPV gets into the body through cuts and breaks at the bottom of the feet.


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