EO Energy is a reputed brand in DG Genset marketing where it provides DG Genset for rental purposes as well as deals in DG Genset where we provide its services all over the Delhi NCR. EO Energy provides multiple brands Genset and various 180 kva rental Genset to the needs of the customer. 

In today’s market in Delhi, it keeps on growing. There are several industrial power plants and few big firms trying to settle down in the market. For this several industrial power plants and companies need Genset on lease or rent. And in some companies, there are power lack issues. And in need, it is difficult to afford the generator at a time. 

To those, our company provides Genset on lease where u avail many benefits by taking Genset on lease or rent. These benefits are as follows:

  • No maintenance service is required 

The Genset required by the customer must be handled up by the vendor and it’s completely the responsibility of the company to take care of the Genset maintenance. But not in every situation will bear the cost. If there is any damage, customers don’t have to pay that amount because all our Genset are insured. But to stay away from the damage policy, some additional amount will be submitted by customers.


  • Buy before work & return after work


Another benefit a customer can get by this policy is that the customer doesn’t have to pay that much extra to the company. Here a customer can simply pay that amount or lease for the total period taken by the customer.


  • Easily Transferable


The benefit that you can get while loading and unloading is that the size and weight of the generator are designed as it can easily transfer from one place to another place. With the help of easy transfer, it will help to reduce the cost of the customer and make it time-effective.



Some companies charge too much from the customer. But here our company works for both social benefit and personal benefit where we work for customer satisfaction and provide Genset at a very reasonable price.


  • Information and Suggestion


Before providing Genset to the customer on rent or lease we always aware of the customer about the product, how it can be used, and inform how much energy it can produce at a time.

Before making purchase or rent or lease  you should know about the KVA Genset





Low fuel consumption always helps the client to take care of their budget. By taking Genset on the lease you can also avail of many benefits like low fuel consumption.

By having low fuel consumption, the thing made it more eco friendly. And helping to save our resources.




By having an automatic transfer of energy, the customer doesn’t need much knowledge to use it. After simply installing, it will automatically start when the power goes shut and simply stop when the power starts.




Some Genset requires too much knowledge before installing it but in our Genset, there is not much installation required and that thing makes your installation not so hard and this feature will help you to save your time also after taking a lease on generators.

Why is 180 Kva Genset is on Demand in the Indian market 

According to the survey of 2019-2020, market analysis shows the introduction of industrial power plants & big companies has now been increased day by day. And the demand for DG Genset is increasing. Because of this, the 180 Kva Genset is their first priority to take on rent or lease or purchase it which can give much energy at a single time and continuous power for a longer period. And our company always completes all the requirements which are demanded by our customers. We always feel happy and proud to help our customers.

If you know about any rental query or any further query you can contact us. Our sales team will always assist you with the specification and prices of the Genset.


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