Most of us are familiar with WPLMS WordPress education themes. WPLMS themes are basically a WordPress Learning Management System which is basically used for creating an education purpose website. With the help of it, you can create a multipurpose website for your school, colleges and different educational institutes. In this article, we will study some of the best WPLMS themes for online universities and education purpose. Let’s discuss them one by one.


EduLMS WordPress Theme is the solution to all your online LMS issues. This theme has a built-in Revolution Slider to give your website a professional touch. Custom theme and menu options make perfect look and feel. It supports unlimited courses, lessons, text themes and exams. The option of creating fully-rounded exams allows you to easily set a quiz, pass, upload new lessons easily

EduLMS is also WPML and SEO ready. With WPML support, you can offer your courses in other languages. The theme is completely customizable, so you can use any image, background or color that you want and have your online LMS for an ideal website.

WordPress Support

EduLMS is fully responsive, as well as your student can see the lessons and can test them from any device as they wish so that they can get complete independence. Add all this to an insulated elegant layout and you’ve got a clear winner.

My University

My University WordPress Theme is a simple but powerful template that is suitable for everyone. With the scope of customizing options, the theme can be tailored to your needs if you know the coding or even if you do not know a single line of code. My university is an ultra-responsive WordPress LMS theme, which makes it a great choice for all screen sizes and devices. The theme has been developed on the Bootstrap 3 framework, which makes it fast.

This is the last option for a school, university, educational institution, online course management or LMS website.


Academy is a multifunctional and responsive WordPress theme. Designed to sell online courses and offer your LMS to the world, Academy WordPress Theme will be working if you are planning to actually create an online academy. This WordPress LMS  theme is modern, simple and easily customizable to take care of your LMS problems.


With easy installation options, Stratford will start your educational website on and off in a short time. This WordPress theme is a fully responsive and highly customizable template which is perfect for schools, colleges, universities, online LMS and course management websites. Make courses and sell them comfortably with the airport.

Raising a statue for your educational website is a clear decision, with shortcode support, event calendar support and e-commerce options.


Varsita is a WordPress Support education theme developed for educational websites, but it can also be used for other purposes. Varsity has a clean, modern and beautiful layout that will definitely attract the eyes of visitors and students. Developing online courses with rainfall and offering registration to learners is very easy. This event comes with integration for the calendar which makes event scheduling very easy.

The theme comes with many customization options, so you want to set up your website in the park. Varsita is completely sensitive and is a great partner for schools, colleges, universities, educational institutions, distance education or LMS website.


IKnow WordPress Theme is a fully responsive online LMS template that can be used to create an attractive online course management website. With IKnow, building teachers and student profiles, forming courses, making quizzes, giving ratings, support for attachments and integrating event calendar is a breeze. I know also comes with Woocommerce support so installing your online lessons and course business was never easy.

LMS Press

LMS Press WordPress Theme is a fully responsive and modern template that makes your online learning website extremely comfortable. The LMS Press comes with a clean streamlined coding that you can easily tweak to create your desired website. This multipurpose WordPress theme is mobile responsive and translation ready. You can use it according to your choice and preferences.


Meanwhile, we have discussed so far about WordPress LMS templates themes. Now you get the idea which WordPress theme would be better for your education purpose website. I really hope that you really like the article and if you have any comments and queries then don’t forget to comment in the comment box.


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