A consensual act of sexual intercourse should most essentially be a source of immense pleasure and fulfilment. However, intense pain during intercourse can sometimes play spoilsport. The occurrence and intensity of sexual pain can most often baffle you completely. Although, pain during sexual intercourse could be due to certain ailments or disorders, most often, its we who are to blame for aggravating the condition for the worse. There are several products available in the markets which claim to take our sexual experience to newer heights. However, not all of them are just as good. Some might indeed be responsible for destroying the very essence of the experience altogether, transforming it into a painful one.

Sexual Pain – Mistakes we Make

A sexual intercourse is primarily a natural act. However, the attempts to improve it in various ways have promoted usage of artificial products which might have undesirable after effects. Some of the common mistakes we commit, which might lead to a painful intercourse session are listed below:

Women tend to use vaginal douches these days for cleaning their inner vaginal cavity with perfumed lotions and cleaners. Douches are quite easily available. However, excessive vaginal douching is known to be responsible for severe vaginal irritation, which might result in sexual pain. Women resort to douching post menstruation, for washing away the last traces of menstrual blood. This is a completely unnecessary process as the body cleans the system on its own. Similarly, douching is commonly used post unprotected sexual intercourse for contraception and prevention of sexual diseases. It has not been established as a proven solution for either. Such uncalled for cosmetic ploys should therefore be avoided in case they lead to an uncomfortable sexual experience.
Most often, we tend to use a condom without a vaginal lubricant. This can cause severe vaginal dryness, leading to painful penetration which can be excruciating. Using condoms with compounds like K Y jelly for vaginal lubrication are ideal choices. Saliva can also act as an effective vaginal lubricator. However, use of petroleum jelly for the same can be a blunder. Petroleum products are known to reduce the efficiency of condoms and are also responsible for vaginal irritation.
Often, many people use cosmetic supplements such as contraceptive foams, jellies, and creams. Use of scented tampons and vaginal deodorising sprays, have also become quite common. These might result in potent vaginal irritation, resulting in pain during intercourse. It is always better to use products which have natural ingredients such as eucalyptus oil and sandalwood oil as base, in order to do away with these irritants.

When we ask questions like why does it pain during intercourse, the solutions might lie right with us. All we need is a responsible approach towards sex and keep it as simple as possible, for undiluted pleasure!


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