The developing nation

like India needs the continuous motivation that help it to maximize the export of resources to enhance and maintain its consistent growth. Torque Pharmaceutical has set an example in bringing a revolution in the pharmaceutical industry. Torque is a major exporter of medicines in Uganda, Kenya, Burma, Liberia, Afghanistan, Angola, and many other countries.

About Torque Pharmaceuticals

Torque Pharmaceuticals is recognized as one of the larger companies in the Pharmaceutical industries. It was founded in 1985 with an insignificant investment of 240, 000 INR. It strengthens its pillar and has earned a reputed name for itself as a leading pharmaceutical company providing health care products for all through its impeccable quality services that it supplies globally. The literal meaning of torque is a force that turns around a thing at a focal point. This company has become a significant pharmaceutical brand with quality production, dedication, logistics, and growth.

Torex herbal cough syrup- a product of Torque pharmaceutical

Torex is a well-known expectorant, generally prescribed by the physician for chest congestion. It improves the functionality of respiratory organs. It clears the air passage by thinning the mucus. Torex cough syrup company, torque pharmaceutical manufactures the medicines for all kinds of diseases.

Major reasons behind the success of Torque company

The background upon which its success depends are mentioned below:

  1. Uncompromisable quality: The company follows all the instructions writtendown under schedule M- GMP of the drugs and cosmetic act. The vigorous focus on quality made this company an award winner by the drug regulatory authority in the year 2005.

  1. Committed workforce: The excellent and committed workforce always been ready for innovation and improvement in service is also a considerable fact in the success of torque.

  1. Motivation towards invention: Through the team of research and development torque always been successful to find the better alternatives of expensive and less available resources.

  1. Environment aimed at growth: The global footprints of Torque’s growth and development are kept expanding. The success credit of torque also goes to its workforce. Encouraging work environment enhances the capacity and confidence of the team and they help the company to bring out their best.

  1. Affordable product: Not only the people of India about two dozen countries are also getting benefitted from the affordable and cheap medicines of torque pharmaceuticals. They are not just helping in disease treatment they also aimed to find the way from the prevention of disease to improve the quality of life.




As a reputed well known pharmaceutical company in India, Torque offers a wide range of effective safe and generic products on the market for all types of therapeutic categories. Its drugs come in all forms like B- cole capsules, Amikamac injections, Beta sone -N eye/ear drops, tablet, Torex Herbal syrup in India and across the world.

It made the possible for the common people to access high-quality medicines at an affordable cost. Torque has not only benefited the domestic market, with its wonderful and innovative product torque has extended its market across the world.


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