Chatting is the way of life in the present time. Most of the people love to talk to their friends and loved ones through chatting platforms. There are some amazing platforms that can be checked out if you want to get into this activity or venture of chatting with your loved ones. After all, communication is the foundation of any strong relationship or friendship.

Of course, you can always get the application that is comfortable, free of cost and most importantly effective. There are some wonderful, free of cost and absolutely professional applications out there that you can use to ensure a wonderful experience. Have a look below:

Facebook Messenger

You know Facebook is one of the most exciting, easy to use and effective social networking platform. You can have all your friends therein. But you know there is also Facebook messenger app too? Of course, you can easily find this app on the android to install. The application is an easy way of communicating and chatting with all your loved ones and friends on Facebook that too in a safe manner. The chats are encrypted and absolutely safe. Moreover, you can also make audio and video calls through this platform. In this way, you would have rich and effective experience.


The solid encryption feature of this application makes it a rich platform for anyone. This is a wonderful chatting application for free. The app allows you to exchange messages, stickers, documents, files and everything you wish to share. Moreover, there is no limit on the size of the document that you can send through this app. in this way you would have rich and exciting experience. Moreover, this application has the option of audio and video calling too.   And yes, you can also make calls to the landline but for that, you might have to spend some money. This app is a great platform for users who want freedom in chatting.


It is another application that is popping up these days. After Whatsapp, it is GB Whatsapp. It is a modified form of this Whatsapp application. You can easily get Gbwhatsapp download 2018 or any other version of this app. the application is absolutely effective, safe and professional. Moreover, the app gives you the freedom to change your settings as per your personalized preference, change the color of the icon and also share documents or videos of any size you want. Where in Whatsapp you were not allowed to share any stuff that exceeds 16mb, in the realm of GB Whatsapp, you can easily share the stuff that is even beyond 16mb. In this way, you have no limitations. Also, you can change the last seen settings as per your convenience and much more.


Thus, you should never have any excuse when it comes to chatting or communication. You can always ensure a wonderful experience once you have these applications installed in your device. Communication and chatting are no hassle in the presence of these free applications. Check these out today for an endless and enjoyable experience.


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