This blog on excelling in the field of animated video production will act as a one-stop solution filled with incredible tips to help you become a professional. Many people obsessed with Disney movies consider animations as a dream job based on creating gorgeous creatures and things.

The job of animation is without a doubt a dream job and depends on a lot of magic brought to the screen. If you want to learn how to be a great and professional animator, then keep on reading!

  1. Know Where You Have To Start

Whether you want to work in movies or games, starting with the basics is one of the most important steps. Make sure to grab every book on Animations and study them inside and out. Make sure that the core techniques for creating good animation is one your fingertips.

  1. Observe The World Around You

An animator dreams and observes; observe enough to understand and watch movements. In order to become a prosperous animator, you will have to learn how the body moves and how animals acts.

Hangout outdoors, around humans and living creatures, observe the gestures made when people talk or when they argue. Observe expressions, children playing, dogs barking, birds chirping and then use this knowledge for your animation skills.

  1. Look At Other Professional Animators And Their Work

From early 1900’s until now, there have been some great and ground-breaking animators in the traditional animation category as well as computer animations. Take help from their work, refer to their styles and reviews and use their tips and trips to evolve your own styles as well.

However, in today’s world avoid using copies of animation made by other people as your own; such practices are unethical and can ruin your reputation and integrity forever.

Make sure to look at the work of professionals and learn their tips and tricks. Always remember, there is more pride in churning out original animation rather than copying it.

  1. Networking

To improve and build your name it is important that you show up at animation conferences and mingle with a community very similar to you. Load up your reels on your phone and pass on your demo’s because you never know when a good opportunity may strike you.

As far as networking is concerned, showing up and participating in such conferences can be a very good idea.

  1. Became A Master Of Animation

In order to become a good animator, you must make practice your main aim. Animation is not something you can learn overnight. It is one of the most hardworking professionals and takes a lot of trials and errors in order to make a simple animation.

You may get frustrated, and you may get stuck but don’t ever stop learning and practicing. Always remember that it takes a thousand bad drawing to make a single good one; the same thing goes for animation.


When entering the world of animated video production, it is important that you are aware of your path. You must be clear on what kind of animator you want to be; do you want to animate movies like DreamWorks or want to work on projects such as Avengers and Transformers?

Whatever the case may be, you must be aware of your end goal. Each industry has a different style of animation so make sure you are aware of what you want to do and what skills are required.


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