Top 5 Family Health Insurance Scheme in India.

Family is a prized possession and therefore everyone tries best for himself and his family. When it comes to health insurance plans, family floater plans are very popular because these plans cover the entire family under one umbrella.

family health insurance
family health insurance

A single policy is issued to cover all family members with an insured amount and a single premium amount. You can cover yourself, your spouse, dependent children and dependent parents under a family floater plan. Each cover member jointly enjoys the sum insured as well as independently. For each family member, premium is cheap compared to personal health plans.

Because family floater plans are very popular, there are many insurance companies that provide a family health insurance plan. Between the multitude of available plans, here are the top 5 family health insurance plans, which you can consider:

Top 5 family health insurance Schemes

  1. Apollo Munich Health Insurance’s Optima Restore Scheme

Apollo Munich is a leading name in the health insurance field. It provides a different family health insurance policy. Its Optima Rehabilitation plan is offered as both family floater scheme and personal health insurance scheme. As a family health insurance plan, the plan allows the following benefits:

  • 50% of sum insured is increased in multiples of each claim-free year through profit
  • You get the facility of restoration of sum insured through the benefit of the sum assured available under the scheme
  • Critical Advantage Rider is available on an additional premium, which pays a lump sum upon any covered member to diagnose any one of the 8 covered diseases.
  • Stay active profit gives you premium discounts on the number of steps you can take during the policy year.
  • Domicile treatments also come under this scheme
  1. Bharti AXA Health Insurance Smart Super Health Scheme

Bharti AXA’s Smart Super Health Scheme is currently worth mentioning as the best Family Flator Health Scheme available. Here are the specific features of the plans that make it one of the best:

  • You can get coverage up to Rs 1 crore under Smart Super Health Scheme
  • There is no capping at the rate of room rent during hospitalization
  • There is an inbuilt maternity coverage in this plan available after a short waiting period of 9 months. If you choose a term of 3 years and pay a three-year premium at a single time
  • Critical illness cover and hospital cache cover are allowed as optional coverage benefits
  • There is no limit to coverage under organ donor treatment
  • No claim bonus increases the sum insured up to 100%
  1. Cigna TTK Health Insurance Pro Health Insurance Plus

Cigna TTK is synonymous with various types of health insurance plans and unique benefits in the proposed schemes. ProHealth Plus is a family floater health plan that provides a moderate level of coverage in terms of sum insured. Other attractive benefits of the policy include:

  • Insured carers come under the scheme till the sum insured
  • The organ donor expense is also covered for the sum insured
  • You get worldwide coverage for medical emergencies which you may have to face while traveling internationally
  • OPD expenditures are covered to a specified extent
  • Maternity and neonatal expenditure is covered under the scheme as an inbuilt benefit.
  • Immunizations for the first year of new birth are also included
  • Free health check-up for all covered family members
  • Free specialist opinion in case of any serious illness
  • Premium discounts up to 30% to stay healthy
  • If you have the option to pay extra premium for this, you have the option of reducing the waiting period for pre-existing diseases. 
  1. HDFC ergo Health Insurance Health Suraksha Scheme

HDFC Ergo’s Health Protection Plan comes in a variety of ways and gives you an all-inclusive coverage for yourself and your family. Some of the best benefits of this scheme are:

  • There is no restriction or sub-limit on hospitalization expenses
  • There is no restriction on maximum entry age. You can buy a scheme at any age
  • Under this scheme, maternity coverage is created with new born baby cover
  • You get various premium discounts under the scheme. If you buy a 2-year policy then a 10% discount is offered and 10% discount is offered to cover more than 2 family members.
  • Additional coverage benefits are available at extra premium
  1. IFFCO Tokio Health Insurance SwasthyaKavach (Wider) Scheme

The casualty of IFFCO Tokyo is another good family floater plan that allows a wide scope of coverage for your family members. In addition to covering regular medical expenses, the plan also offers the following benefits:

  • If the patient is admitted to the hospital, it is Rs. Daily allowance of 250
  • Free health checkup once allowed in every four policy years
  • Three children can be covered under this scheme which can be their own children, siblings, nieces or nieces
  • The oldest member of the family can be covered for up to 80 years
  • Cumulative bonus increases the sum insured by 5% for each claim-free year
  • Critical illness expansion cover is available at an additional premium. This extension covers ten specific severe diseases.
  • If you purchased two-wheeler insurance from the company, you can avail the premium rebate under your health insurance plan.
  • No co-payment is applicable under the scheme for older family members
  • Value-added services are available for free. If you or a cover family member is traveling within India then these services provide additional travel insurance coverage.

If you are looking for a health insurance plan in the Indian market to cover your dear family, then do not look forward. The above mentioned family health insurance policies are the top 5 family health insurance plans and can be selected to meet the needs of you and your family’s health insurance.

These family health insurance policies include all-inclusive coverage benefits, optimal sum insured levels, reasonable premium rates, attractive premium discounts and other attractive features which make your health insurance a joyful one. So, pick one family health insurance scheme and be assured.

Choose according to your choice.


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