Wall stickers and wall decals are something which has gained immensely popularity these days. No one wants to have plain coloured walls now as they need some kind of decoration on it.

Some looks for wall paintings or some other decor items which they can hang on the wall; or else they go for living room stickers which are available in a lot of varieties these days.

Now when one is going for wall decals or wall stickers’ one should know that they can install them in a newly painted wall as well. But yes, it is a better idea to wait till the freshly painted walls get dry before applying them. The best thing is when a wall is getting painted; one can wait for at least 2 weeks before they apply the wall decal. They will not work when the paint has just been done and it has been not dried yet.  The reason to wait for 2 weeks is to take a safer grace because sometimes even when the wall looks dry they have not fully dried yet.

But does the paint type on the walls make any difference on the wall decals? Well yes, the quality and the durability of the wall decal significantly depend on the kind of painting that has been used on the wall. It is said that if the walls have a matte paint then it is best for the wall decals.

Before application, one should keep in mind that the wall decal can only be applied to certain wall surfaces. The surfaces have to be weather resistant, smooth and spotless so that the decal or the sticker works well on it. The walls should not have any contamination. One should also be careful to avoid heavily textured surfaces. Avoid installation on surfaces like concentrate block, suede paints, stucco, sand paints and bricks.

There are a few things that one has to consider before putting the wall decals and stickers on the walls. If they want to put one on the bathroom then they need to check the moisture level and the temperature level there.  The wall decals stick to painted and plastered walls. It will fall apart if one wants to apply it to cracked walls and crumbling spaces.

Wall stickers and decals are compatible to a lot of surfaces as long they are smooth and very light textured. The surfaces like glass, metals and painted walls are ideal for them. Wall decals can also be imprinted on wall papers. But one has to know that a wall decal can be applied to certain kind of wallpaper. In most cases, it is tough to remove wall decals from wallpapers.

When one is looking for wall decor stickers for living room then they always need to keep in mind the theme and the other decors of the room before choosing the stickers. The wall colours and the lighting system of the room also need to be kept in mind before zeroing down to a wall paper.


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