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The Internet has opened up several excellent and outstanding mediums to provide customer support for the businesses. Where there was only a couple of mediums like phone, post, etc to serve the customers, today there are multiple ways to reach out and offer first-string service experience to your patrons.

The existence of so many channels is a curse and boon at the same time. Boon because it has offered various opportunities for the businesses to score more profit and curse because handling all of the platforms simultaneously is an arduous task. For varied channels, different tools are utilized, which means you as a business owner gets information in pieces, which may further create different customer communications.

How Help Desk Outsourcing is vital for your business Growth

To bring together all the customer service processes and craft a more articulated experience for patrons, help desk service came into existence. With the help desk, you can:

  • Visualize and comprehend with the bigger picture with respect to your business
  • Combine all your support requests
  • Dig deep into customers’ issues

This said, how would you select which help desk provider is best for your business? There are certain factors that need to be taken care of. Some of them are:

What type of help desk service do you require?

Different businesses opt for help desk types as per their specific requirements. You have to seek what kind of help desk assistance your business is in. Some organizations choose help desk for internal employees while others select this assistance for customers.

There is a big difference between having a help desk for internal employees and for customers. The ticketing system is the same for both of the support processes. However, customer support is provided on different channels like email, phone, chat, mobile, etc, the internal IT service is rendered in adherence to the ITIL that includes assistance like change & release, problem, and incident management. Social media channels are integrated while offering the help desk customer support while in internal IT assistance, CMDB with asset discovery is implemented.

In-house or outsourced?

There are pros and cons for both of the sides. For example, with an in-house help desk premise, you would have to pay one-time fees and a continuous maintenance charge to ensure its smooth working. On the other hand, when you outsource the help desk service from a competent BPO firm, all you have to spend is the monthly rental and the vendor takes care of the rest.

In-house help desk offers you the power to control your business data on your own. All the rules are decided by you and the customization of the hardware is done in strict tandem with your business requirements. The disadvantage is that you have to keep on investing heavy amount every time for the maintenance and upgrades. Sometimes, due to needed focus on other departments, this investment might take a back-step, which may lead to degradation of service level.

The outsourced providers will handle all the maintenance and upgradation charges by themselves, shedding a good amount of monetary load from your shoulder. Since technology has advanced so much, you can access the help desk team from any location in the world on various devices like PC, laptops, tabs, mobile phones, etc.

Payment criteria

While you are on the pursuit to select your help desk service provider, make sure to decide how you would want to pay. There are basically two ways using which you can pay your fees. One is pay-per-agent, where the vendor charges you on each professional you hire for your business support. The second alternative is pay-per-tickets, where you pay for each ticket that is resolved. Both of the payment options offer you the worth for the money you would invest in. For businesses that face queries in volume, pay-per-agent will be ideal to go with.

Real-time or virtual assistance?

A lot of organizations are now inclining towards the self-service portals where customers can extract information from the knowledge base and community forums and can help themselves. In nations like the USA, UK, Australia, etc, the self-service portal has become an extremely popular option recently. However, there are firms that are still reluctant on rendering the virtual help desk assistance to the customers. These are invisible help desks. Support service is offered using email also.

If you are looking to showcase your business’s image on the web, having a self-service demonstrative portal for help desk is a much viable option. On the other hand, if you want to render personal support for the customers or employees, virtual assistance is best.


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