Banner signs are essential for any business whether small or large. The most popular companies still use banner signs for advertising their business. Any business can use banner signs to promote their products, services or events.

However, the banner signs may or may not be effective depending on multiple factors. The effectiveness depends on how the advertisements catch the attention of viewers and deliver the message. Let us check the things that a business must consider while creating a banner sign for advertising.

Visibility of the signage

The visibility is the most important factor for the effectiveness of your signage. According to the location of installation, your banner should be visible to the viewers. There should be no barriers between the banner and the viewers. In the areas of high traffic, the view should not be blocked by other banners or vehicles.

Moreover, the length and breadth of the banner should be such that it is visible from a comfortable distance. The height from the ground should be such that the viewer can see it without raising his head upward. Nobody bothers to raise their head to see an advertisement until it is highly attractive.


A banner sign should catch the attention of the viewers. The graphics, colours, images and text should be eye-catching. An advertisement is of no use if it cannot attract the attention of people or nobody sees it. While creating the design for an advertisement, you must include an element that catches attention.

For example, one can include an image, a cartoon, a sign or symbol that is unique and not seen usually. Moreover, the colours and graphics should be bright so that they are visible in day and night. More the attention a banner catches; more people get the message you want to deliver.


The readability means that the viewers should be able to read your advertisement form a comfortable distance. A business should use the right size of fonts and size to make the text readable and also the images should be understandable.

For example, if a banner sign is installed adjacent to a traffic signal that lasts for 60 seconds, people have only a few seconds to read and understand your advertisement. People usually look at the traffic, the countdown of seconds, and their mobile phones.

They spend only 3 to 5 seconds to look at a banner sign. If the advertisement is not easily understandable, people will quickly look away. Therefore, you need to make your banner sign very easy to read and understand.

No Clutter

Many companies make the mistake of cluttering their ad with text and images. The startups with no experience in advertising try to deliver more and more information to the viewers. However, people get confused while looking at the advertisement, and they don’t have time to read all the stuff.

Clutter hampers the message that you want to deliver to your viewers as they look away within a few seconds. Therefore, it is essential to keep the banner ad as simple as possible and use minimum text and images.

Use a QR code

Nowadays, most people have smartphones, and they check their phones every time they stop their vehicles at intersections or traffic signals. Nobody wants to note down a phone number, or email address from a banner sign. A QR graphic is an easy way to scan and get information about a business.

We all use the scannable codes to make payments and get information about products and services. Therefore, it makes the viewers easy to scan a QR code from the advertisement and check all the contact details and product information in their browser.

Brand awareness

The brand awareness is the most crucial element of an advertisement. It is essential for every business to create brand awareness among people before advertising its products or services. People want to buy from a business they know well and a brand they trust.

A banner sign must contain the brand image, or logo of the business. If your business is a startup, you must include your brand logo, symbol or image in every advertisement.

Weather resistance

The weather resistance may seem awkward for the effectiveness of a banner sign, but it is essential that a banner should sustain in the adverse weather conditions. If your banner sign is blown away by wind or torn by the rainwater, it is of no use.

Therefore, it is essential to create weatherproof banner signs that can withstand winds, rains and the harsh sun. The corporate signage Brisbane are excellent for use in all weather conditions.

Material and Price

The banner signs are available in a variety of materials like fabric, vinyl, plastic, aluminium, acrylic, wood and PVC. Every material has its benefits and disadvantages, and the cost is also different. Price is also important to consider while choosing a material to create your banner sign.

Go Digital

The digital signage is gaining popularity as it offers a plethora of benefits. You can use digital signs for both indoor and outdoor advertisements. The main advantage of using digital signage is that you can change the ad at any time using a content management system.

Final Words

The above-given points are the things to consider while creating a banner sign. Whether it is a construction banner or billboard, the above-given points can help any business to design perfect signage that engages the viewers and delivers the message. Considering these factors can help organizations to create advertisements to attract potential customers and grow their business.


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