Security is the most important thing for anyone. Whether your house or office, you have to make sure that you have a safe place.  If you know that you are not at home mostly and your kids are alone or elderly people are there; you might want to ensure security therein right? You want your loved ones to be safe in your absence.

What to do?

Of course, you have doors, windows and proper lock system in your house. But is that all you need? Well, don’t you think you can make the most of technology these days? You can choose something like Face identify solutions. These solutions will be great for you to have in your house or space. What these tools or instruments do is that they recognize the face and then act.  It means if there would be a stranger on the door would not open. The door would open only when the acquainted face is there.

What exactly facial identification technology is?

It is the swiftest biometric technology that has one and only aim and it is to identify human faces. It is time that you forget about fingerprints readers or that of eye scanners. Yes, present day face recognition systems properly analyze the characteristics of a person’s face images that were captured with a digital video camera.  It is the least invasive method that caters no delays and leaves the subjects totally unaware of the procedure.

You know different distinguishable landmarks of facial features are gaged by these tools from approximately eighty nodal points, forming a face print – a numerical code. Some of these features can be like the length of the jawline, the distance between the eyes and depth of the eye sockets, cheekbones shape, and the nose width. The dimensions gathered by the system are then placed in a database and compared to other detected faces once a specific person stands before the camera.

In Brief, the usage of facial recognition software permits your CCTV security algorithms to trigger an alert once it identifies specific individuals from a hit list. It is an irreplaceable technology that is equally for finding scam artists, thieves, or potential terrorists, as well as for recognizing very important people customers in stores who require special attention.  Certainly, people do install it for their house, bungalows, farmhouses, cafes, malls and so on.

It is also important for you to know that mathematical algorithms of biometric facial recognition follow plenty of stages of image procedures like:

  • Capture: The foremost step is for the system to gather physical or behavioral samples in prearranged conditions and during a specified period of time.
  • Extraction: After this, all the accumulated data should be extracted from samples to form templates based on them.
  • Comparison: After extraction, collected data gets compared with the current templates.
  • Matching: The final stage in face detection technology is to take a decision whether the face’s features of a fresh sample are matching with one from a facial database or not. This takes just seconds.


Thus, star using face id in your space for the best outcomes.


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