Placing modern sculptures at home and deciding the area where it will give a justified look, is sometimes a very challenging task. There are some dos’ and don’ts of placing sculptures in the house which is important so that these monuments are placed correctly to enhance the view of the house and to make it attractive for the visitors. To make heads turn with the art presentation at home, it is vital to keep a check over some details on placing sculptures at the right position.

Modern figures are three dimensional in nature and so deciding the correct place for it is very critical. Displaying these types of sculptures is a bit tough, as it requires multiple side views to maximize its visual impact. The layout of your room is also important to decide where the sculpture has to be placed. Check out below as we have collected some of the best ways to help you out in displaying your modern sculpture at home.

Living room area

In a living room area, we generally think about the focal point where the sculpture would look the best. Imagine where you want to put the sculpture and think about the area that would suit its presence. The best ways to highlight these types of sculptures is to place them in the background of your living room like put them in a bookcase with lighting or on a pedestal behind the sofa etc. This gives an enriched look making the sculpture gain everybody’s attention with granting life to the living area. However, for contemporary arts, it is nice to place it on coffee tables so that its viewing option is maximized.

Small modern sculpture of fine arts

These kinds of pieces need to be treated as precious objects and require a special place for its display so that it looks attractive. Like, put them on a side big round table so that it is noticed well by viewers. Give the sculpture plenty of space and you can even contrast them by a side lamp or maybe books placed near them. Also, if you think to place the sculpture on a case, make sure it has space of view and is highlighted by lighting. To give it the best appealing look, group several of them if you have on a single pedestal to enhance visualization.

Place tall and narrow sculptures

For sculptures that are tall and narrow, it is advised to place them on a pedestal or places that have a wide-angle view. These types of sculptures add height to the room and are especially for those rooms that need accentuation. These help your house look roomier and just one thing needs to be remembered, that is the table on which the sculpture is placed, has to be low so that the view of the art is not confined. The sculpture and pedestal when situated at the right place and with the correct lighting, gives a nice compliment with each other.

Perfect lighting

Having the right kind of light for a sculpture is very important and natural and good lights bring out the features of the art in a better way. To enhance its views, modern art requires the spotlight. Paintings need small spotlights to highlight the image; modern sculptures on the contrary need tracking lights. This is because it can be fixed even when we change the place of our sculpture. Track lighting can be used in multiple ways and it’s just new innovations that will help you get a makeover for your room every time.

Final Take:

Sculpture décor is in trends nowadays, and people today want different types of art decorations for their home to make it look attractive and stylish. For those who want modern interiors, wall sculptures can add beauty and color to the interiors. Sculptures when placed with books and framed artworks as compliments, add more grace to the displays. Layering in some sculptures and textures in the home, give a fresh look with complimenting the old decorations. Sculptures can give a total makeover to your home and placing them perfectly with some compliments, help to make the house more appealing. Decorating home is fun and when you know you are adorning it in the correct format, it becomes more enthralling to perform the décor tasks. There can be several new ideas to give a new look to your home but some simple tips that are general for every house have been discussed above. So, if you have some modern fine art sculptures and paintings on which you are confused over its correct placement, try reading some tips online as these basics décor ideas help to change your home into a masterpiece of art.


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