Quality Assurance in Software Testing is indispensable and plays a vital role for the success of your mobile or website application. Without a proper testing your product can have a number of production defects or bugs and could possibly fail in achieving its functions. There are a series of manual and database automation Testing phases involved while the product is being created and after its complete development by QA Testers and Software and app developers.

System Testing is a level of Software Testing where a completely developed and integrated Software is tested to check and assess its compatibility with the quantified requirements. So, it can be defined as a procedure of Testing a cohesive system to validate its functional requirements. 

System Testing is a comprehensive and vast type of testing which can be done either manually or automated app testing and there are a number of tests involved under it. 

  • Smoke Testing

It is done to make sure that the product performs all its functions and it is suitable for additional Software testing that is required. 

  • Functional Testing

Functional UI Testing is done to check whether the application features work with respect to its functional necessities.

  • Regression Testing

It is very important and makes sure that there is no code change after an update or bug fix.

  • Usability Testing

This test is conducted to ascertain that the product is ready to use and has a user – friendly app interface. 

  • Performance Testing

Here, an app is subjected to maximum load and different conditions to check its behavior and responsiveness.

  • Security Testing

Cyber Security Testing is done to discover possible threats to the systema and product and to protect it from vulnerable hacks and data thefts.

  • Compliance Testing

This is done to ensure the application’s compliance with the required standards.

Quick Tip: The testing environment for System Testing should be same as what the end user would experience, because it involves Testing the entire product. 


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