diamond and gold jewelry

Commonly, the ornamental article used by beauty loving people is called Jewelry. Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum, Diamond, Gemstone etc. materials are widely used to fabricate Jewelry. The usages of Jewelry material can be seen in all human civilization. Man is using Jewelry from pre historic stages. Previously, bone, plants, leather etc. available substances were used to make Jewelry. The kinds of Jewelry are varied with the taste of user, place, time and need. Jewelry is the part and parcels of culture. Though usually Jewelry is used for fashion purpose, sometimes it also reflects livelihood, identity, living place, religious belief of the user.

Pieces of Jewelry like Rings, Earrings, Nose pin, Necklace, Pendant, Crown, and Bracelet are notable among modern Jewelry article.


Ring is a circular type ornamental object worn in finger or toe. It’s generally made with metal like Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Precious stone like Diamond, Ruby is also often set here according to demand of the customer. The ring is used as a sign of engagement, blessings, and luxuriousness.


A piece of Jewelry article made with Precious metal like Gold, Silver, and Bronze worn in earlobe called Earring. In the modern age, both male and female wear Earrings. Earrings can be different in types, shape, and size. Sometimes valuable stones are also attached here for decoration.

Nose pin:

It’s an ornamental object worn in the nose. There is various type of Nose pin. Nose Pin is endured in both outer and inner part of the nose. Along with fashion, there is much significance of Nose Pin in the different cultures. For example, in Muslim culture, Nose ring symbolize the married woman.


A chain type ornament, worn around the neck is called necklace. Generally made with Gold, Silver, and Bronze like metal. Sometimes valuable stone, animal teeth, bone etc. are also used to fabricate Necklace. Both male and female use this ornament. We see the usages of Necklace in the different culture. In Hindu Culture, A type of necklace called “Mongol Sutra” is essential for Bride in Marriage.


Pendant is a hanging ornamental article. It’s generally hanged with Yarn, Necklace, and Bracelet. Along with fashion item, it’s used for various purposes like identification, award, religious symbol and so on.


It is a circular type ornament, worn in the head. Generally, ancient king, monarch, and soldiers are used to put on the ornament in their head. Usually, it’s made of Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Precious stones are also attached for decoration. The crown symbolizes the supremacy, power affluence and so on.


Bracelet is a chain like an ornament worn on wrist or arm. There are various kinds of Bracelets. For example, Bangles, Beaded bracelet, Link bracelets, Alternative health bracelet and so on. Among this, Alternative health bracelet is a special type of bracelet that saves one from deadly radioactive ray emitted from our used like Mobile.

Human beings are the worshiper of beauty. They use Jewelry with a view to present themselves beautifully to others.



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