Many modern e-liquid companies seem obsessed with expanding their product lines with dozens of flavors. While this gives consumers options, no one benefits when flavors are rushed instead of having their profiles meticulously formulated. At SMAX we believe quality is better than quantity and we obsessively mix and test each of our flavors before offering them in our shop. We know that our customers deserve the best flavors. When your deal with SMAX, you will only find the best premium e-liquids for sale.

When we started developing our flavor profiles, we focused on trying to create unique combinations as well as new takes on some old favorites. We ended creating a collection of 6 flavors that we believed in strongly enough to offer them to our customers. We believe in our collection so much that we refer to it as the SMAX Bible. We know that when our customers try any of our flavors, they’ll become believers too. These premium flavors include:

  • Good Vibes – A mixture of tropical fruit flavors like passionfruit and pineapple to send your tastebuds to paradise?
  • Lick It – Our take on the southern comfort dessert classic of juicy sliced peaches and freshly whipped cream?
  • Pony on Acid – Our best selling flavor, this unique combination of berries, pineapple, and a creamy strawberry glaze makes for the tastiest clouds?
  • Mafia Princess – The flavor of an Italian cake layered with fluffy whipped cream and then drenched in espresso?
  • Sammie Puffs – This combination of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow flavors will leave you begging for some more s’mores flavored clouds?
  • She’s a Dime – A perfect citrusy dessert treat, this flavor captures the taste of a lime cake pop with a creamy lemon sauce?

Each of our Premium E-Liquids For Sale is made from the highest quality ingredients. While most companies use propylene glycol(PG) as the main base diluents for their e-liquids, all of our products are made from primarily natural vegetable glycerin(VG). Vegetable glycerin is a naturally sweet food additive known for producing extremely thick vapor at lower temperatures. PG is the e-liquid component that produces the rough “throat hit” and holds the flavor in the mixture. Many companies make their e-liquids entirely out of PG, with some VG added occasionally to thicken the vapor.

While we do include anywhere from 5% to 10% PG in our mixtures, it is only there to hold the flavor in the mixture. VG makes up the other 90+% of our e-liquids. We chose to produce max VG e-liquid because many users find these mixtures more comfortable to vape. This is because high levels of PG can irritate the eyes, throat, and skin. With our e-liquids, you get amazing clouds without the intense throat hit and hot temperatures you will experience when vaping high PG e-liquids.

All of our e-liquids are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6 mg nicotine concentrations depending on the needs of the customer. We also offer 60ml, 100ml, and 120ml sizes. You can also save big by checking out our e-liquid bundle packs, including the complete SMAX Bible. We know that once you try our quality products, you’ll be happy we took our time to develop only the best flavors.

So next time you are looking to try a new e-liquid, turn to SMAX for the best premium options. We’ve spent years fine-tuning and remixing our flavor collection and we are proud to offer these e-liquids for sale under the SMAX name. Drip some SMAX in the tank and you will know why we place so much belief in our products.

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