In this day and age, with medications being pushed at us to treat everything and anything, you have to be careful about what you take and how often you take it. Some medications interact dangerously with each other, and others can cause side effects just as bad as the ailment they treat. That’s why many people are now turning back to more natural treatments like aromatherapy and special herbal teas. Many natural treatments can be as simple as taking a hot bath or adjusting your diet! Even treatments that sound complicated, like choosing the best herbs for aromatherapy, are made easy now thanks to trusted companies like Huggaroo and their wonderful Aromatherapy Headache Wrap.

Of course, it goes without saying that when you’re treating serious pain, the natural treatment needs to be as relieving as the medication, if not more so, in order to be worthwhile. Thankfully, Huggaroo’s microwavable aromatherapy headache wrap is 100% effective. Comfortable and easy to wear, this wrap relaxes muscle tension and eases pain through the natural power of heat, while the aromatic scents of the herbs inside it calm the mind and promote rest. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves over time but in order to do that they need rest to work. With the wrap’s aromatherapy calming your mind, you can relax and give your body the space it needs to sort itself out, and in the meantime, the soothing heat of the extra plush Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy will keep you comfortable and pain-free.

The Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy is lightweight, versatile, and wrapped up in ultra-soft polyester Minky fabric for maximum comfort. It’s gentle on the skin and feels wonderful pressed up against tired eyes and pressure headaches. Plus, it’s adjustable! The clever design of the Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy features a Velcro attachment to secure the wrap as snuggly or loosely around your face as needed.

You can also leave your wrap flat and use it to soothe other pain, such as neck and shoulder aches or menstrual cramping. Simply lay the wrap out over the affected area and enjoy the sweet, sweet relief. The best part is the aromatherapy works no matter where you place your wrap. So long as it is heated, the Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy will release the all natural, soothing aromas of the dried herbs inside. The soothing herbs lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass were specially selected for this wrap because of their calming properties. As many tea lovers can tell you, chamomile and lavender are the best teas to drink just before bed, because the herbs promote total relaxation and put the mind at ease. The bright and airy scent of lemongrass can improve your mood and relieves stress as well, and many people use it to treat aches caused by inflammation. Cooling peppermint is a crowd favorite for its uplifting properties as well. It is often used to treat headaches all on its own!

The best feature by far of Huggaroo’s fantastic aromatherapy headache wrap is its efficiency. The Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap with Herbal Aromatherapy can be heated in as little as 30 seconds in your microwave and offers about 15 minutes of relief. 15 minutes of heat therapy is exactly what the vast majority of physicians and physical therapists recommend – longer periods of hot therapy applications are not recommended because they can actually increase inflammation. After a short break, you are welcome to warm up your wrap and use it again, if needed. With the Huggaroo Microwavable Wrap, anytime a headache or migraine strikes, you are just seconds away from relief. There are no pain killers on the market that work this fast! Plus, with the Huggaroo microwavable headache wrap, there are no side effects, no waiting, no need to check against your other medications. Just comfortable, cozy, instant pain relief and relaxation.

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