Rapid prototyping is a kind group of techniques that are used to firm and accelerate the physical products and computably designed three-dimensional data. It is used to give the 3D visualities and view to the product.  It has always been and method of insuring a faster and quicker production method to be up to the expectation of the consumer. There are so many sites and offices are available where you can easily get the rapid prototyping services at a very good cost and with quick easier methods that you can easily adapt. As it is a process that let the work to be done on the demand and requirement of the consumer just to give them work as per their expectation and need. It is an addictive method of the manufacturing process of creating a prototype that is done from the 3D CAD models.

Varieties of the method to do rapid prototyping

There are many types available to do rapid prototyping and some of them are:

  • Stereolithography (SLA): It is one the easiest and quickest method of doing rapid prototyping in this commercial 3d printing is way easier and faster. It is done by the photosensitive liquids and sloid which is controlled by ultraviolet rays in a layer by layer.
  • Selective Laser Sintering: In this method the layer creates by SLS powder bed, melting metal and plastics and then to heat powder materials to get sinter. Its upper layer will always be rough which required some finishing work to be done.
  • Binder jetting: It is a technique used to create one and more parts at a single time to get printed. Each layer of it will have to be powered by the roller then you have to proceed towards the next layer on it.

What are the benefits of using Rapid prototyping?

There are lots of benefits one can see for using rapid prototyping, as it let you able to get the numbers of pictures at a single time about the product that how it is going to work in the earlier and the definite stage of its cycle of processing. The time taken into this can do get vary from tool to tool and the method that has been using by the worker. Also, Rapid Prototyping is a kinda cost-effective method that does not require a lot of staff for work to be done which not only reduces the workload but also the cost of keeping workers. It increases the quality of products as the designers represent the new methods technologies and other ways of improving the quality and value of the products. It also helps out in getting good feedback from the customer about the physical products.

Hence, the rapid prototype is the method used by a number of the manufacturers to create and give their final product with the visualities effect or by the help of the 3D concept of the prototype. It is a vast method that easily fabricates the product’s physical appearance using designing a computer-aided CAD process.


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