Dr Nikita Trehan a world-renowned Gynecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon says a polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) diagnosis may mean that the body has been producing too much testosterone and insulin, leading to have problems with fertility. Sunrise hospital is specialized in Minimally Invasive Surgery which has been accredited worldwide. And Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling is one of the several surgical methods that Dr Nikita Trehan, best gynaecologist in India, uses to treat PCOS.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the most common problem occuring in women of reproductive age group nowadays affecting between 9 to 22 percent women in reproductive age group. This disorder is characteristically diagnosed at Sunrise hospital whenever women come to us with one or all of the following symptoms 1)irregular menstrual cycles ( or delayed cycles coming with menses happening  once in 35 days to 3 months )or 2)excessive acne or facial hair ( hirsuitism ) or 3) infertility 4) excessive weight gain or inability to lose weight along with these symptoms. Some women can also suffer from excessive dark velvety skin around the neck (acanthosis nigricans). Along with these symptoms the patient may also suffer from repeated miscarriages and later in life be predisposed to diabetes and even uterine cancer. The diagnosis of PCOS can be confirmed by a certain tests (blood tests like hormonal tests of FSH testosterone etc) and ultrasound of the ovaries. The most important advice in the treatment of this condition is “Lifestyle Modification “ : As PCOS is now considered a metabolic disorder consuming a healthy diet free of junk foods like fast foods with plenty of fresh fruits vegetables and salads and regular exercise form the backbone of managing this condition. Dr Nikita Trehan suggests along with lifestyle modification which is needed for every PCOS patient the overweight/obese patients need to come down to their normal weight and sometimes even Bariatric (weight reduction surgery) maybe needed for this. The medicines given for PCOS vary according to the priorities of the patients: In infertility patients certain medicines maybe given to release the egg from the ovary to help the lady get pregnant along with medicines like metformin which decrease the insulin levels (also used in diabetes). In extremely resistant cases laparoscopic ovarian drilling may also have to be done by the gynaecologist (where the polycysts seen on ultrasound are drilled using key hole surgery). In extreme cases even IVF maybe needed as a last resort .If fertility is not a concern and patient is troubled by irregular periods and excessive acne or facial hair the patient may be given some OC pills to regularise her periods and decrease the excessive Male hormones circulating in the blood of PCOS patients along with this certain facial creams like eflornithine to decrease local hair growth and Laser hair removal maybe needed .Dr Nikita Trehan, best gynaecologist in India who has treated rare of the rare cases says PCOS can lead to low self esteem and depression in a lot of women and hence treating this disorder correctly is mandatory to restore her confidence and help her have a baby when she desires to become a mother.


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