Exams are feared by all the students. The desire to score high in exams and attain a position in their respective schools is the only thing students think about while preparing for the exams. Students feel stressed due to the limited time period for the preparation of exams. Students have to cover a lot of syllabus in a limited time. Moreover, with the increase in the difficulty with which exams papers are set, students cannot afford to prepare from only NCERT books. They need to buy certain other study materials and books which help them to widen their scope and improve their ability to handle difficult questions.

Apart from all the subjects, maths can be the most intimidating subject for a lot of students. Numerous chapters filled with difficult questions can create fear in student’s hearts. Students have to learn various formulas and must understand the basics in order to solve a maths problem. Therefore, it becomes important to provide the necessary study material to students which can help them in their preparation.

Although, every standard requires some material but class 6 is crucial as the syllabus becomes more complex for the students. Class 6 can be termed as the starting point where the math problems become more challenging. 6th class maths study material can include a lot of things like:

  1. NCERT solutions
  2. Online videos explaining the ways to solve a maths problem. The videos can also help the students clearing their doubts and improving their basics of the subject.
  3. Test papers of all the chapters and final mock tests.
  4. Practice questions which are not given in the standard NCERT books in order to broaden the knowledge base of students.

Out of all these, NCERT solutions are the most important preparation material which can help the students to build a stronger base of the questions which are generally asked in the CBSE exams.

Using NCERT solutions has various advantages like:

  1. Latest maths problems and their solutions are provided which are according to the syllabus.
  2. Solutions are uploaded by experienced teachers who have complete knowledge of the syllabus.
  3. Step by step answers to the problems which makes it easy for the students to grasp the main idea. Students are prepared to solve similar problems with ease.
  4. One can access the material even in offline mode by downloading the content on their smart devices. They are available in PDF format for easy access.
  5. Detailed explanation of every problem and its solution which makes them easy to understand.

Therefore, students must treat NCERT solutions as the main component of their overall preparation material. In order to perform well in the exams, students must be thoroughly go through the solutions and the steps given to solve the problem.

Apart from the study material for 6th CBSE maths, parents must cooperate with their children and make them understand the basics. They must make sure that the students do not stress about the exam and encourage them to give their best. Maths, as a subject, requires regular practice. It is the duty of the parents and the teachers to make sure they do their homework and prepare well for the exam.


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