Ewaynews.com updates here multpile jobs vacancies in gulf countires today.

There are huge opening in Gulf Countires for fresher/experiecne candidates. If you want to apply jobs in gulf ,please downlaod pdf free and find your suitable jobs in pdf and send your cv or walkin for interview direct.

23 feb assigment2

How to know fraud consultancy in Mumbai


  1. Any consultant who is asking for money, please make sure that you will not pay any time !!

Reason – Cross Verification of all the hiring companies and acceptance among them is directly tied up with Consultancy.

For ex-, I received a call from a consultant and was advised to go directly to the XYZ company for interview and if HR selects you for the related process, then you should consult your advisor according to your profile Accept and your company pays it 2-3 months after completing successful training on the basis of your selection / agreement between the company and the consultancy.

  1. Check some background of the company?

Reason – whether they can be listed under the Companies Act or not, no. Present strength of the employees working in the company, date and overall performance and market share, revenue generation.

  1. Do not believe completely.

Reason: – You can not set up in the first place and you can easily lure them because they have been trained in this way. It would be better that you have received calls for interviews, please take a few minutes and do self verification by calling directly to the respective company HR / Walking and thus you will not only save time, but also earn your hard earned money.

Remember: – Counseling is not just a medium that is not only a medium for getting a job, it totally depends on your ability and ability to crack it.

The company I was currently associated with had approached directly for the company HR and Clear Telephone Round, then it was informed that the specific date and time for the voice and pronunciation round and the rounds (Main).

Do not be prepared for the interview in a constructive way and be prepared for the interview so that you do not fail but find out the reason behind it and next time make sure that you can take it !!

Source: Assignment Abroad Times

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