Your bathroom is probably the only part of your house where you can get some good quality personal time for yourself. You will come across many people who will claim to be able to think rationally when alone in their bathrooms. It also helps you take some big and serious decisions in life. But if you look around your bathroom, you will understand how poorly maintained it is. Just like remodelling the other rooms of your house is important, it is also crucial that you take special care of your bathrooms.

Tips for Bathroom Renovation

It is true that a lot goes in a bathroom remodelling project. Unless you are a homeowner who has been through the remodelling process or a professional who does such projects often, the options, details of bathroom remodelling, and processes involved will seem like a foreign language to you. Here are some tips that can help you with a successful bathroom renovation project if it is the first time for you.

  • Find Out the Costs Involved: Even before you start the renovation process of your bathroom, it is important to find out about your budget according to the changes you wish to bring about via the website. The quality of the materials to be used and the overall size of the bathroom plays a major role in determining the cost.
  • Leave the Vintage Spots Alone: It is true that your motive behind a bathroom renovation is to make it look more modern. However, there must be some aspects of the bathroom that are easier to replace than others. For example, the wall tiles of an older building will be difficult to remove. Thus, it is better to leave the tiles as it is and concentrate on other aspects of the bathroom that can easily be replaced.
  • Proper And Sufficient Lighting Is Important: It is very important that you have proper lighting arrangements in your bathroom. Choose from a wide range of accent, decorative, ambient, and task lighting for your bathroom. You may take the help of a lighting specialist or a bathroom designer on this topic.
  • The Sink Should Be at the Right Height: The different family members at home will have different heights. Placing the bathroom sink at a great height may be inconvenient for many. Thus, it is important that you place the sink at a height that will be suitable for all. It is important for you to know that countertops are normally 32 to 34 inches from the floor level. It is important that you consider the way your sink will add or even take away from the height of the countertop. For example, in the case of above-counter vessel sinks, it is better to opt for a lower counter height.
  • Find Out About the Standard Dimensions of Your Bathroom: When it comes to bathroom renovation projects, it is important for you to know some primary and key measurements. This includes the dimensions of the bathroom space where you wish to place the bathtub and the overall dimension of the bathtub.


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