The United Arab Emirates is known to be one of the best countries in the Middle East because it simply has so much to offer. Dubai, being the capital of UAE, is appropriately known as the most lavish city specifically in the wide Persian Gulf. It flaunts sparkling skyline, intriguing nightlife, as well as ridiculously wealthy encounters, but there is one thing that stays a cut above everything else is the Dubai Desert Safari. The experience of going through an astounding day and a historic night in the incomparable Arabian Desert include safaris, looking at the nature on your Land Rover, devoting an evening to entertainment in a cozy Arabic tent amidst the desert accompanied by the greatness of nature.

If you plan to spend a day in the Arabian desert, you will find a profuse amount of activities to do there and if you choose to stay in the center of the desert then that will make your stay the most memorable one.

Filled with rich experiences:

The greatness of the desert, experiences that are profoundly enriching amidst dunes, and a collection of exciting activities the whole day make a morning desert safari an experience you will never forget. Adventurous rides, delicious food, and Arabian music are all that you want in the life you are living in Dubai. Mornings that are picture-perfect and end with colorful nights, let’s have a look at the activities you can do to have the time of your life in Dubai.

  • Sunrise from dunes:

The Arabian desert is the exact place you would want to go at dawn when the sun is shining at its brightest and appears to be the biggest near the skyline. The view looks awesome and the morning is indeed the most picturesque spectacle you will find in the desert.

  • Exploring the desert while Dune Bashing:

In the middle of the immense Arabian Desert, a jeep safari ride (4×4 SUV) in the morning with that gutsy wind blowing is a pastime that gets everybody excited. The jeep usually picks you up which means your ride starts from the camp and that thrilling ride lasts for about 30 minutes. The exclusive Hummer Desert Safari is the most thrilling of them all and can be availed after additional charges have been paid by the travelers.

  • A stroll in the great desert – Camel Safari:

This delightful ride in the morning is a 45 minutes momentous ride. You explore the wildlife of the desert while riding the camel convoy. Another attraction is the falcon demonstration of the desert, in which travelers casually walk around and get photographed with the lovely bird.

  • Want to have a thrilling encounter of riding the sand? Try Sand Ski!

The smooth stretch of the desert sand in Dubai caters you with an adventurous time while you do sand skiing. Some dunes are as great as approximately 200 – 300 meters, and they are perfect for sand skiing. You can feel the sand beneath your skis as you slide down quickly. That’s the real fun part of the desert!


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