Still heading to the saloon to get rid of facial and body hair or using a razor which leaves you with rough and bumpy skin? 

Unwelcome hair growth is a source of embarrassment for both men and women. Shaving and depilatory creams might seem like an easy fix, but they just get rid of the hair at the surface; not to mention the risk of cuts and ingrown hairs. While waxing may deliver longer-lasting results, it’s painful, time-consuming, and can cause an adverse reaction with your skin.

It’s time to make a switch to the safest and the most advanced hair reduction treatment!

venus_versaBeauty & Curves Venus Treatment Clinic has the solution for hairfree skin that is smooth, silky and radiant. Presenting Venus Versa Hair Removal treatment that works by using Intense Pulsed Light with SmartPulse™ technology to safely reduce unwanted hair growth on the face and body with virtually no pain and no downtime.

The Venus Versa hair removal treatment delivers heat to the deeper layers of the skin to target the pigment and destroy the hair follicle. This gets rid of the existing hair but also helps to inhibit further hair growth in the area. At the same time, SmartPulse™ ensures safe and consistent heat distribution, while an advanced real-time cooling system keeps skin protected.

According to Dr. Megha Shah, Owner and Medical Director of Beauty & Curves Chain of Clinics, “Venus Versa treatments are the latest hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments provided at Beauty & Curves clinic for full body hair reduction, treatment of vascular lesions, pigment correction and skin texture improvement. The results are fantastic and the treatment experience is very comfortable, owing to the real time cooling system. ”

Apart from hair reduction treatments, Venus Versa skin rejuvenation treatments are also provided at Beauty & Curves to diminish signs of pre-mature aging, reduce skin damage and correct uneven skin tone. A series of 6-8 sessions four to six weeks apart are needed to get the optimum results.

Experience the comfort and results of Venus Versa with a range of versatile, innovative and advanced treatment options at Beauty & Curves Venus Treatment Clinics.

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