Japan, the land of the rising sun, is a site to one of the most ancient human civilization on the earth, with its earliest settlement dated as far as 30,000 BC. Even if that ancient civilization is no more, it is impossible for such an old civilization to not to influence the subsequent civilizations. Thus current Japan is a mix of old and new traditions and culture.

Thus the Japanese Cuisine – which is a part of the nation’s culture is also a mix of ‘old and new’ making it a memorable experience for anyone who tries it for the first time. So, for anyone residing in Boston who is willing to try its search for the best Japanese restaurant in Boston ma.


What Is Special About Japanese Cuisine

The traditional cuisine of Japan is called as ‘Washoku’ comprises of dishes eaten along with rice and miso soup (fermented soybean paste with vegetables immersed in it). Since Japan is a primarily a collection of several islands, seafood is the staple of Japanese dishes. The seafood such as fish, octopus, and squid are often grilled, fried or served raw depending upon the dish. Alongside rice, seafood and miso soup pork and beef are also used to make traditional dishes. The use of spices in the traditional food is minimal and thus the food itself doesn’t have much variation in flavour instead the Japanese like to use several soups and other condiments to enhance the flavour of the dish.

With the exposure of Japan to the outside world (since the 1880s) several other ethnic foods have gained popularity in Japan and are now considered as a part of the traditional Japanese diet. The foods like burgers, pizza, ramen, spaghetti, etc. are eaten by Japanese on a regular basis.

Most Popular Japanese Dishes

If one is looking for top Japanese restaurants food delivery Boston, the chances are that the restaurant would definitely have these Japanese dishes on their menu.

  • Sushi – Sushi is a dish made by hand pressing boiled, grilled or raw, thin slices of fish into a rice ball covered with sea-weed such as wasabi( Japanese horseradish) on the outside, served alongside several condiments such as pickled ginger, soy sauce, green tea, etc. Sometimes, sushi ( Inari-zushi) is made by deep-frying tofu punches with rice and seafood inside.
  • Sashimi – Like sushi sashimi also consists of thin slices of fish but unlike sushi, these slices are not embedded in rice. Another difference is that while the meat in sushi can be grilled or boiled, sashimi consists of raw slices of meat served along with various condiments.
  • Tempura – The menu of the best Japanese restaurant in Boston MA is incomplete without mentioning tempura. Tempura is a dish made by battering vegetables and seafood together into a thick paste and then deep-frying the paste in small handy sizes.
  • Udon – Udon is a thick wheat flour noodle. An udon dish consists of udon being dipped into a soup with several vegetable dressings, eggs and meat to create an udon broth.
  • Sukiyaki – The dist consists of beef meat, tofu, vegetables and mushrooms cooked together with a sweet soy sauce. It offers a distinct taste, unmatched by any other dish in the world.

Japan cuisine offers a taste that is unmatched, at least in the Western countries. So go ahead search for the top Japanese restaurants’ food delivery Boston.


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