It is a fact besides colors and shapes that fonts are possibly the essential element to convey the personality of your brand. To achieve this aspect, you must take a simple approach to typography if you are thinking of a clean and streamlined theme when designing your logo.

Typography is of prime importance in graphic design; it brings its character and spirit to the overall development of every typeface and font. You need suitable typography, depending on the type of business and brand image.

Many designers believe that you have to pay careful attention to the typeface you use to design a contemporary brand identity. That is why modern brands are aware and very selective concerning the fonts they prefer.

The notion that “less is more” is inspired by minimalism as a design philosophy. The fonts are stripped to the necessary elements only, and without extra embellishment, anything remaining is showed in the simplest possible way.

With that said, here is our list of top 05 fonts to create stylish and minimalist Dallas logo design services.

Helvetica® Now:

Original Helvetica is possibly the most omnipresent font ever, especially when it comes to branding.

This typeface is perhaps the most well-known and broadly utilized on the planet. Helvetica has spotless, straightforward shapes. It was designed in 1957 by Max Miedinger for the Haas Type Foundry in Switzerland and was initially called Neue Haas Grotesk. It was renamed Helvetica in 1960. A variation of Helvetia, which is the Latin name for Switzerland.

The Helvetica Now family is available in 48 weights from Light Micro to Extra Black Display, with matching italic.

It is uniform and fresh. Sans serif layout makes it a favored preference for many world-renowned brands, such as Fendi, Nestle, and American Airlines.

Proxima Nova:

Proxima Nova was released in 2005 and, it comprises of whooping 144 styles and is an absolute reworking of the legendary Proxima Sans.

The Proxima Nova font family was designed by Mark Simonson. It contains 42 different fonts of three widths: Proxima Nova, Proxima Nova Condensed, and Proxima Nova Extra Condensed. It aims to bridge the gap between types, such as Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk, and combine humanistic and somewhat geometric proportions. Proxima Nova is a superb font family to choose between professionalism and usability for your logo design: clean and classy, down to earth, and genuine.

Some of the famous brands that use Proxima Nova in their logos are Spotify & Bosh.

Avenir® Next:

In designing the Avenir typeface, designer Adrian Frutiger looked for inspiration both from the past and the future. He desired to reinterpret the geometric sans serif fonts from the early 20th century but infuse 21st-century aesthetics.

This family contains styles going from ultra-light to heavy, just as it offers consolidated appearances that rival some other sans available on the market in on and off-screen readability.

The heavyweights make for great showcase faces by their own doing and can combine well with numerous contemporary serif body types. These complexities help Avenir to be readable and to make all texts and headlines look harmonious and sensible.

The word “Avenir” means ‘future’ in French, but Avenir is not strictly geometric, unlike Futura.

This superbly straightforward yet rich textual style is utilized for branding purposes by LG Electronics, Japan Airlines, the City of Amsterdam, and Scottish water, just to give some examples.


Nexa is one of the most recognizable typefaces of the modern era.

This font has been designed for outstanding reading, web, printing, and well-completed geometrical logos.

There are 09 weights and 36 fonts in the entire Nexa font family. In general, the design of the family is tidy, simple, and precise for the logo and headlines alike.

Nexa was designed by Svetoslav Simov, Plamen Motev, Mirela Belova, Stan Partalev, Nikolay Petroussenko, Ventsislav Dzhokov, and published by Fontfabric.


Mont is a well-balanced but characteristic font with unique specifications. Mont varies in 10 weights from Hairline to Black with matching italics.

The pointing “t” and prominent x-height are some of the details which make it perfect for strong headlines and an excellent logo.

The text style upholds more than 130 dialects all together.

Mont fon-family incorporates plain figures, progressed typographic highlights like ligatures, portions, case-sensitive structures, superscripts, subscripts, and so forth.

The typefaceʼs flexibility makes it simple to face any visual depiction challenge — web, print, or motion designs.

Mont was designed by Svetoslav Simov, Mirela Belova and distributed by Fontfabric.


Many people like these fonts and others, not so much. But it is a primary and easy look when you anticipate minimalism. However, you can try to make the design distinctive and iconic by selecting the precise typeface with some basic understanding of what fonts or typefaces are.

Choose the logo font sensibly and examine the given facts while working with the fonts. Classic fonts or more creative and trendy ones? It is up to you to decide. But remember about your brand identity and the message you want to communicate.





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