Medical tourism in India has grown remarkably in the recent time. The present scenario of medical tourism here shows that there are top medical tourism facilitators in India. The total estimate gained out of medical tourism reaches up to $3 billion and the same is expected to grow by another whopping figure of $5 billion in the coming years.

Healthcare tourism in India has become popular following the advancement in the medical science as well as affordable treatment facilities. As a result, India today entertains some of the top medical tourism companies in world which have made the concept of medical tourism even easier for the international patients.

The following is the list of medical tourism companies in India.

  1. Mediconnect India:

This medical tourism company has been awarded with the National Tourism Award for two times by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and the same is considered to be one of the top medical tourism companies India. Mediconnect India provides everything to the medical tourists, from the initial process of medical opinion to the post-treatment checkup. This one serves as a big name when the mention of medical tourism companies is taken under consideration and is an important name in the list of medical tourism companies in India.

  1. Tour2India4Health:

The list of medical tourism companies in India becomes incomplete if the mention of this company remains unrecognized. Tour2India4Health is one of the topmost companies of medical tourism in the country that provides a great medical value and is quite good in its overall service. This company works on the philosophy that offers international patients to have an access to the premium health services. This company understands the importance as well as needs of all the patients to a fair medical assistance and thus the experienced team here provides an individualized service to each patient in the most apt and compassionate manner.

  1. IndiCure Health Tours:

Whether we talk about medical tourism companies in Delhi or anywhere else, IndiCure Health Tours are always recognized as one of the greatest names in the field. This company was founded in the year 2006 and was initiated with an aim to provide unique solution to all the medical tourists on their arrival to India. Another great news, this company is considered to be the only startup that has been nominated for the TATA NEN Hottest Startups in the year 2008 and has been the lone company that represented India at the famous World Medical Tourism Conference carried out by FAFTA, Korea.

  1. India Med Guru Healthcare Consultant:

Another important name in the list of medical tourism companies of India is the India Med Guru Healthcare Consultant that is considered to be a premier medical tourism company in the country. This company aims to offer a superior medical service and treatment by all the renowned surgeons of India. The company grants an entire range of surgical care that includes cosmetic surgery, orthopedic surgery, weight loss surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, surgical treatment of cancer, plastic and reconstructive surgery and many others. This particular company serves as a highly recognized name in the list of medical tourism companies in India.

Hence, the list of medical tourism companies in India is increasing day by day. These companies are looking forward to becoming as superior as another medical tourism companies of the world such as Dania Medical Services.



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