Current job Opening for Fresher/Experience candidates in UAE-2019.

Assignment abroad times updated current job opening for fresher/experience candidates in uae. Just you can download pdf of assignment abroad times and apply for your relevant position.

Also many people asking, how to get Jobs in uae/Kuwait/oman.

  1. Get an up-to-date cv, hardcopy and softcopy on the CD / disc as well. Your first task is to catch a mobile phone when you arrive in the UAE. Add a contact number to start your CV / resume; It is useless to provide a prospective employer with a  and there is no way to contact you. Traditionally, “Western” CV does not have photos; Where most of the eastern and sub-Indian continent has a picture of the applicant as the standard of the CV.
  2. To fit the profile of the particular post you are applying for, you may have to tailor your CV, due to this softcopy is necessary. If you do not have access to a PC and Internet connection, find out where the nearest Internet cafe is, many career ads only offer an email address as the appointment of a contact. If you are living in a hotel, do not use their internet service, in most cases it is very expensive and a pure cafe can offer similar services at a fraction of the price.
  3. Keep CV content brief and accurate, do not try and “bulk” the document with a large amount of adjectives and synonyms!
  4. Under the law of UAE, do not make any false claims or misrepresentations in your CV document, if you are caught, it is sufficient for the immediate termination of your contract.
  5. Make sure that you use a spellcheck on the document (both US and UK spell protocols are used mutually in the UAE, as are the metric and royal measurement systems – but not on the same document!). BTW they use English imperialist and American gallon as well as liters, it is sometimes confused because US Gallons is 3.78 liter and UK gallon 4.54 liters. Petrol is sold in US gallons.
  6. “I am not seeking a status with your highly esteemed world-class organization, whose owner is highly respected and generous …” etc., etc. I am sad to say it, but half of the CV face me Close this way and continue this way for the half type page. First of all, every interviewer knows that you have literally hundreds of CVs, you are handing over to everyone and extending the properties of those you have never met and the companies you have never heard of – All in the same way. It’s basically a waste of time, though I should have a smile on some of these “Introduction” stuff.
  7. Many interviews in the UAE are arranged through set-ups or friends or family. Add the person as a personal reference under the CV; When it is time for the small list applicants to jog the interviewer’s memory.
  8. Do not apply for the posts for which you are not eligible. Out of personal experience when posting a vacancy I will sometimes get 2 or 3 hundred applications !!!! The first thing is that a general retrenchment of documents to shorten the interview list; It will be based on different criteria at different times, but will usually start

“With validated documents”, “valid travel visa” or “relevant work experience / qualification” – will be finished in the rest of the bin (or as nesting material for my hamster)! If you feel that there is going to be a large number of applicants for the post, then you have to try and get at least through the stage of interview, your experience and qualifications should be placed on the first page (especially If your CV runs more than 2 pages).

Download here Assignment Abroad Times pdf

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