Alert Parents! Are your kids safe on the Internet? Yes, no, maybe?? We know you are not sure about this.

The Internet is a huge ocean of information. You enter a query on Google, you get millions of results for that one query. But make sure that it’s not manipulating your child’s privacy who probably has medium knowledge about the internet.

The Schools in Sharjah recommend keeping a watch on kids while they are online. That doesn’t mean that you will over interfere in their life. This irritates them. So, do this tactically.

This article will cover all the tactics researched faculty of Aspam Indian International School(located in Sharjah).

Here are the top 6 tried and tested ways that can be implemented with little effort. 

Update Privacy Settings on Social Media: Social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are common among kids. Kids share a lot of news, videos, posts, stories on their social media accounts on a daily basis. It is best to advise your kids to review privacy settings before using the platform. Use blocking or reporting options for safer user experience. Students should immediately report a post or account that promotes-

  1. Nudity & sexual Acts
  2. Bullying & harassment
  3. False information
  4. Sale of illegal items
  5. Violence by organization

Advise Them to Limit Usage: While schools in Sharjah are under lockdown. All students are attending online classes. Most of the day is spent online. While surfing websites, they can encounter fake ads or fake news updates. It can tempt them to visit their page. Thus, breaking the concentration on the current subject. So, keep an eye on the Internet using frequency in a single day.

Acknowledge Them About Internet Frauds: Internet frauds and crimes are increasing online. People are playing with user information. Some websites fool naive visitors to collect their sensitive information. For example- credit card pin, bank account number, contact number, Pan card number, Adhaar number, etc. There are many websites that can scam your innocent kid by asking the above information.

Review Their Browser Safety: How to check the trustworthiness of a site on the internet?  One step you can take is checking Browser Settings. If you use Chrome, go to settings > Privacy and security. Change your privacy settings to ensure a safe browsing experience for your child. Most Sharjah Indian schools use this feature to provide internet safety to their students(while using school PCs).

Install Website Safety Check Tool: There are certain tools that test millions of websites for malware, viruses, and other PC threats. Aspam Indian International School recommends 2 tools for students’ safety on the internet. One is Google Safe Browsing and another is Virus Total. Both are website safety checking tools. You just need to enter the website’s URL in the tool(see image). Click enter and you will get the result.





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