Hsslive.co.in is an educational website providing students of Plus One and Plus Two Classes with all the important information that they require. HSSLive provides latest updates regarding the Kerala Plus One and Plus Two Classes.

HSSLiVE, an online venture commenced in December 2018 at a training camp for Higher Secondary School Teachers aimed at sharing of learning–teaching materials, is a lively participated blog for Higher secondary region. The support and aid given by this online Hsslive.co.in for Teachers, Students and Parents also provide a platform for the up-to-date information exchange and discussion of issues related to higher secondary section. The quality of study notes published in this 

Hsslive.co.in blog is evaluated and expertised by those in the Higher secondary section. 

HSSLIVE Blog Features and Funcationalities

This Hsslive.co.in shelves a wide range of free software products for the day to day activities of schools and learning materials for higher secondary classes. The comments of visitors for the learning materials, prepared by Higher secondary school teachers, making use of Information Technology and available resources, prove the thumping reception and appreciation of this blog by the learning community. 

The Online Result Analysis of Higher secondary results through the result analyser portal is the product of the collaborative and extensive work of blog community. This portal helped in the performance analysis at the school, revenue district and state level on a subject basis manner. 

The Hsslive.co.in provides opportunity to raise doubts both by teachers and students and also serves a window to obtain Government orders and application forms. The Hsslive.co.in also maintains a strong rapport of teachers and learning community through internet and thereby creating an opportunity for the discussion of various teaching–learning issues. 

HSSLIVE Study Notes

It is really hard to find the compilation of all the study notes and materials at one single place. We have compiled everything under a single roof. You can click on the subjects and view the materials related to the respective subjects. Hsslive.co.in provide students with latest study notes, question paper, subject wise syllabus, guides, model answer paper, and any means of material that will simplify the process of learning for students. Our only and ultimate goal is to help a maximum number of students with every means possible.

All the details about our website can be found on the Homepage of our website.

If you have any query regarding our website Hsslive.co.in please feel free to comment below or visit our contact page.


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