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You should be extra cautious when packaging fragile products such as glasses and cups when you prepare to transfer your kitchen products. You can do a few steps firsts to guarantee everyone reaches your new home in a single piece when packing your glassware. But again, you hire the best movers in UAE, movers and packers in Dubai; they will always take care of your glasses.

You will need tools and supplies

Use a medium-sized box instead of a big box that could become too weighty and awkward to move for glass and other glassware. Packaging paper, newsprint, towels, and other soft material will also be required. You can use bubble wrap, but remember that it is difficult to recycle and costly to purchase. A free job is also possible for other materials.

You have to wash your glasses after coming back to get rid of black prints if you decide to use ancient papers.

You will require towels for paper or dish— anything that you can pack around every glass or set of drinks easily. You will have to use other packaging products such as packing tape and a box marker.

Make the box ready

If you use the paper or the newsprint to cover the bottom of the box, crush several sheets. The paper will crumble to prevent the lenses from being hit from the bottom and safeguard the lenses when the table is accidentally dropped. The glasses will be protected.

Make sure you have a thick layer on the ground to protect the contents against bumps if you use towels or sheets

Each glass is wrapped

Wrap the heaviest, largest glasses, and pack them first. You will place them with brighter glasses on top of the bottom of the case.

Put your pile of paper or clothes on the table or counter using a flat, smooth surface. Take one glass or bowl and put it in an angle in one corner of the stack of towels or paper.

Start rolling the glass or cup and push the paper or towel finishes into the glass opening when it rolls.

Two glasses wrap

If you have big sheets of paper, you can save the packaging materials by wrapping two glasses in one. This operates best if you have the same size lenses. Follow the directions above, and once the paper is half packed and shielded and the first glass is used, add the second glass next to the document and carry out wraps, fill the paper with the ends of the second glass opening. 

Panel It Up

Now that you’re packed with your glass or glasses fold it across the sides of the glass to create a pleasant tight pack. At this point, you shouldn’t feel the edges of the cup. If you can, depending on whether the glass has a handle or big lip, you might need to wrap a new layer of paper.  

Keep Wrapping

Continue to wrap your glasses in single and double packages and put them on top of each other. Make sure you’re heavy; bigger glasses are on the bottom and lighter on the top. 

Leave some space

Make sure that you don’t complete the box and put additional packaging material into the room. Make sure you add the same amount of crumpled paper to the bottom of the box as you add to the top. Always allow space to add a dense layer on top if you are using a towel or other materials.

Packaging Check

Shake the box back and forth before you close the box. You should not be able to hear a glass click or a lot of content shifting. Once your packaging is pleased, seal the box and label it, indicating what is inside and where it is. It is shut with packaging tape. Mark the box always as “fragile,” so movers can be cautious about moving it.



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