Adjustable wrench also known to be as a crescent wrench or adjustable spanner, it is a useful addition to the toolbox. You may probably have one in the house, and you may adjust the jaws to fit it on a variety of nuts and bolts just merely by turning the wheel. Very small and medium-sized as they fit into the tight spaces as well. It mostly used to tighten or loosen up the bolts and nuts. It has the jaw which is allowed to adjust. The adjustable wrench works by turning a screw, which is mostly located at the bottom of the head. When the ordinary wrench could only be used on any particular size nuts, an adjustable wrench could be used on a much wider variety of nut sizes. It is also beneficial when working with a car or bicycle and when doing some plumbing.

How to use adjustable wrench:

  1. Firstly identify the nut or bolt you want to target for loosening or to tighten.
  2. Now, open the adjustable wrench by turning the screw mechanism. This would open the jaws of the wrench. Check if the mouth is opened enough for the nut to fit in, or if it required to be opened more. Make sure that it is open a bit more than the size of the nut.
  3. Slip the open jaws over the targeted nut and also hold it in the place. Turn up the screws mechanism so that it would clamps tightly around the nut.
  4. Turn the wrench in a direction which is clockwise to tighten the nut and anti-clockwise to loosen it. Keep on turning the wrench until the nut is loose or tight enough to remove.
  5. Remove the wrench slowly by losing the screw mechanism.

Uses of an adjustable wrench

  1. Furniture assembly: one of the primary household activity is assembling furniture. Today, we all love to buy furniture, and we all notice that many pieces needed to be combined into one single piece. Tables, beds, sofas, and shelves, etc. are the sizeable common furniture needed to be fixed.
  2. Plumbing: pipes and taps are common in every house, the wrench would help everyone to fix the broken pipes without any problems. One of the best thing with this adjustable wrench Is that it could fix all types of pipes.

Why use an adjustable wrench

An adjustable wrench is an essential tool for all the homemakers and for professional as well — Any toolbox which is never complete without a wrench. The reason why a wrench is an important tool is because of its various uses. There is no compulsion to be a garage owner or an employee for having a wrench. Today, there are multiple types available in the market you just need to choose the best adjustable wrench according to your choices of work. You could always get a wrench which will survive the personal requirement. Any cordless wrench is very popular because it is a free spirit and does not need any source of continuous power, and it is easily portable.


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