These days; when it comes to sending gifts then most people prefer sending some lovely gifts to their near and dear ones. One can order to make a gift basket according the occasion and send it to their close ones to make them happy.

When it comes to gift hampers send to Pakistan then there are a lot of gift basket options available on the online sites. One can select the favourable one from those varieties and send it to people. Or else, one can also make a gift basket on their own and they just need to keep the occasion in mind.

One can always make some nice ad fun gift baskets at home and make their dear ones happy. They can be sent to girlfriends, boyfriends, family members and friends but one has to select the contents of the depending on for whom they are making it. One should always keep a theme in mind when they are making a gift basket because that makes the basket organised and more compact.

Christmas gift basket

As this is a winter gift basket one can keep any sort of food items that are well suited to be eaten during this season. Here, because it is a Christmas gift basket one has to go for a proper plum Christmas cake, freshly baked from the oven. Then one can also add some flavoured pudding that is frozen and some hot buns along with liquid chocolate filled truffles. If one wants, they can also add some brownies to get more brownie points for that. But this basket is full of freshly baked items and so they are meant to be people who stay close by.

Birthday gift basket

One can keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the person for whom they are making the gift basket. One can go for a nice and personalised birthday cake in the basket with some gourmet chocolates. Apart from that one can select accessories, beauty products, books or perfumes depending on the person’s preference.

Baby gift basket

Here in this basket it is needless to say that one has to add some baby specific items. One can go for some light weighted baby clothes and some cotton clothes as well along with baby friendly cuddle toys and also some rattle toys. Apart from that, one can add a box of baby friendly bath products like oil, shampoo, soaps, diapers and cotton wipes. If the baby is already 6 months old, then one can add a tin of baby food there.

Anniversary gift basket

This has to be romantic if it is for your partner. One can add a bottle of sparkling red wine, some strawberries, mascarpone cheese cubes and gourmet chocolates. Along with that, one can add some couple movie ticket vouchers which one can enjoy together on this special day.

In order to send gifts hampers Pakistan, one has to select some nice gift baskets which are well decorated with some lovely items and send them to the people they love.


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