For some people travelling is there life. It’s all they want. They are crazy for travelling. They earn money to travel.  They save to travel. In fact, they eat to travel. Travelling is there passion.  And they can do everything to achieve it. They will work hard earn respect and then travel.  Same story like this I read in one fiction book by some Indian writer in which there was a character named Viren and was the rich and successful businessman who wanted to travel. His dream was to travel. And by god’s grace he got the opportunity, he left his job and everything and went far away to travel in every corner of the world.


And to do this he was motivated by one of his friend Meera. So we all have some kind of passion in our life but sometimes we need to have the motivation.  That particular girl became the motivation for him in his travel journey.  If you also are a travel enthusiast then you can fulfil your dream of being the travelling guy and explore the world only if you are a little crazy to do it because craziness is needed in everything and everywhere.  You might find it weird but its the truth of life and you need to understand.  What you need to do to travel?  First of all you need to collect enough money for the same you need to know whether you can be really a good traveller or not and whether you can travel solo.  You need someone for accompanying. After finding answers to these questions you need to find whether you have got the passport and Visa or not.  If you are from India then it would not be very tough for you to get a passport.  You can easily apply online and get them. E tourist visa fee in India is not at all high. You can try to apply e tourist visa India.  After some days you will get your visa surely and shortly.


Getting a passport and visa means you are able to travel whatever the country you want to.  Nobody is going to disrespect you after that.  From then nobody is going to put you in jail and call you a foreigner. They will not lock you up for not having a passport.  If you wouldn’t have a passport or visa they will surely lock you in a lock up.  So you need to be sure you have the passport and other essentials before you living before leaving home. Other essentials include camera backpack your travel clothes etc. And if you travel it is sure that you will want to capture images and post them on Instagram.  So make sure to buy a really good camera maybe DSLR. Well it’s up to you whether you want to buy a camera or not or whether you want to click images with your phone. And whether you don’t want to take image and only want to explore the places.  I am just giving you a suggestion.



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