Amazon is a great opportunity when it comes to starting a business online. There is no cost of setting up your own e-commerce website or developing a separate shopping app for your store. You can directly leverage from Amazon’s growing name and loyal customers. An experienced and knowledgeable Amazon consultant can help you navigate swiftly through the whole process of setting up you Amazon account. 

Amazon’s Vine Program 

It’s a boon for new sellers or the ones who are having hard time in getting enough product reviews and sales. It facilitates the seller to get up to 30 product reviews that are genuine and authentic through some chosen ‘Vine Voices’, in exchange for a free product that you have to provide to them. Now, these ‘Vine Voices’ are not any random customers. They are the privileged ones who are chosen by Amazon depending on the review ranking system. The ranks are calculated on the basis of how helpful their reviews were to other users on Amazon.

How can a seller enroll into the Vine program?

There are certain requirements set by Amazon that you should meet before enrolling into the Vine.

  • First and foremost, you should be a Brand registered seller.
  • There should be less than 30 reviews on your page.
  • Should be an FBA registered seller.
  • You should not be selling any ‘adult’ product.
  • You should have enough inventory stocked.
  • You should have proper product description with images or enhanced brand content.

After you meet the above criteria, you are free to register yourself in the Vine Program. Just go to the Seller Central and navigate to the Advertising tab. Click ‘Vine’. Enroll in Amazon Vine and provide your ASIN. And you are done!

Now after you enroll in Vine, you need to send your Product samples to Amazon who would then contact its vine voices to test your product and the interested ones can then contact further. The Vine system can help you in increasing your conversion rates and boost your product sales effectively. You can avail the best Amazon listing optimization services for your account from renowned Amazon agency like Hike Commerce.


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