Everyone cherishes playing with snow because the snow gives a magical feeling to the people. Snow looks more beautiful when it covers the concrete roads or concrete house roofs, especially when it covers for more than a mile. It will give a feel like people are surviving in Iceland.

When it is snow season, people love to stay at the igloo. Multiple people travel to various nations to stay at igloo. Everyone gets tired of their daily work routine, it makes them stressed. To get relief from all these issues, people travel to Manali. At Manali, a person can make a camp with his family. The igloo stay at Manali gives them a feeling like; they are living in another beautiful universe. To know more about this Manali igloo camping, read the upcoming article.

Is igloo stay at Manali gives a happy feeling to the people?

While at snow season people feels so freezy, but when you stay at igloo, it gives you a very warm feeling. It seems awesome and exciting. Manali is very famous for the igloo stay, that’s why Manali is acting as a great place for tourism.

Most newly married couples used to travel for their honeymoon at Manali. They are specially visiting the Manali for the Igloo experience. The igloo gives them an unforgettable camping experience. People who want to cherish their life by traveling the world can surely choose the Manali igloo stay

How to reach the Manali igloo site?

If you don’t know how to reach the Manali igloo, you can seek out and get the results from online tourism websites. When you reach Manali, you can easily reach the igloo site, because the site is available at the nearby location. To reach the site you have to just travel 15km.

The igloo site is located in a village called panduropa. In that village you will not able to get any buses, so you need to book a taxi for that. If you have your car means, then there is no difficulty for you, the only thing you have to do is, people should get permit approval to enter the area.

If you want to travel without getting any permission and cherish to go direct to the location, you may contact some online tourism websites for that, they will do all the work for you and by utilizing their services you can reach the igloo site. This 15km travel will take up to 45 minutes to one hour.

How to plan your trip for the Manali igloo stays?

If you want to get a unique experience at Igloo, then you should plan for the month of December-March, because this is the perfect period to stay at Igloo. These months will have a perfect snowfall. Till March end, you can permit for the igloo stay.

For this trip, you should buy a boot and clothing which should suitable for that freezy climate. When you planned greatly means, you can experience snowboarding, skiing, and much more.


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