The hairs in the head of the people will fall off due to various reasons like improper maintenance, hormonal imbalance, chemical preserved foods, and many others. These kinds of problems can now be avoided with the help of hair transplant surgery. There are plenty of clinics that are providing this kind of surgery and also you should have to know about the cost. The hair transplant cost in ludhiana is very much less compared to other countries.

What is the procedure followed for hair transplantation?

The hair transplantation is followed with the help of the two types of techniques. This is much comfortable for the people to get back the lost hair in a limited time. You have to undergo just the three hours surgery then you will get your hairs in the head. The surgery is done by giving the general anesthesia and so it will not give any pain to the patients until the surgery ends. You may feel a little bit of the pain after the surgery but it is bearable. The cost of this kind of surgery is very much less. But compared to this FUE another one called FUT is extremer less costly.

But it is not easy for the people to pick the best technique to undergo it is always better for them to follow the doctor’s advice and then have a particular surgery. The FUE and FUT are the two famous techniques that are followed by the doctors to make the hair transplantation. One of the popular surgeries is the follicular unit transplantation, this technique is less costly and also it gives the huge number of the grafts in the head compared to the other one.  Some people will have the patchy bald while some of the people will have the full baldness. So whatever may be the people need to undergo a useful technique to get back the natural hair.

What is the cost of the fue and fut technique?

The extraction of the hair follicles from the back of the head to the areas that are required is followed by the doctors in the normal hair transplanting. This is the technique called follicular unit transplantation. The transplantation of the hairs will be done by picking the strip of the hairs from the head or the other donor parts in the body.

Then while matching with the already present hairs in the head it will be inserted. This may cause a little bit of injury to the people and also this will not give any problem to the patients as this will get healed immediately. The surgery of the FUE is very much less cost and also it will be more effective to get a huge number of hairs. The hair transplant cost in ludhiana for the FUE technique is a little bit expensive than the normal procedure. In this technique, the extraction of the individual hair follicles will be picked from the donor area and then transplanted into the area where there is less density of the hair.


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