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Movies are something which helps an individual to describe an idea using made up stories with characters played by actors. They are watched by one and all. Bollywood industry is full of actors which make a movie believable by skills. One of such wonderful actors is ageless Anil Kapoor.

Anil Kapoor, one of the most prominent of Hindi film industry was born into a Punjabi family to NirmalKapoor and SurinderKapoor, a film producer, in Mumbai, India on 24th December 1956. He started his career with a small role in movie HamareTumhare in 1979,but rose to fame from his supporting role in the movie Mashaal (1984). He was also praised was his acting in the movie Tezaab and Beta. He took the industry by storm and never looked back. He won his first international role in the Academy award-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Globally, he is still one of the most praised actors for his skills and fitness level.

Anil Kapoorhas worked in hundreds of films and still there is no stopping him. He has earned various awards for his portrayal in various movies. Top 5 movies which turned him into a huge star are:

Mr. India:

Anil Kapooras ArunVerma won millions of hearts in Mr. India. On one hand he was a light-hearted and kind caretaker who gave shelter to a bunch of orphan kids, feeding them and taking care of them. While on the other hand he was the mysterious Superhero Mr. India who had the ability that himself invisible using a special watch. He earned wide spread praise for his role. Even after 25 years of release, the movie is still considered a masterpiece.


Lamhe termed as the bravest love story of Bollywood is still in everyone’s hearts. Anil Kapooras Viren nailed the portrayal of his character that is sweet and sensitive. It is one of those movies which make the viewer think about the concept of love. It is one of the most braved stories ever written which cannot be reproduced.


Termed as a love story, this movie brought a lot of praise for Anil Kapoor. The movie moves back and fro in time providing glimpses from Anil Kapoor’s past. The movie is a roller coaster of action, drama, romance and humour with scenes full of Anil Kapoor temper and trauma. It is considered to be a complete entertainer till now with special lookout for Anil kapoor’s intense scenes.


Who doesn’t love an intense, anti-corruption movie full of twist and turns?Nayak is one of such movies where Anil Kapoor’s character becomes Chief Minister of Mumbai city for one day. The interview between Anil Kapoor’s character as a media reporter and AmrishPoori’s character give Goosebumps to anyone who sees it.

My Wife’s Murder:

Though it was not a success at the box office, yet My Wife’s Murder was a gripping movie with mind-numbing script and excellent acting skills by Anil Kapoor. He earned a lot of praise for his acting skills in the movie.

These are few of the many movies by Anil Kapoor. Watching these movies can bring back many memories. Streaming these movies may not be possible but downloading them using Vidmate app can be a boon. Vidmate app download install new version is the only way to relive the lost memories.


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