Food is the basis of our daily routine work as it gives us the energy to survive and do the task efficiently. There is probably no food for mood, as it is food, foodies. Why do you need mood to munch? Is it possible to survive without not having food? No. Without food, survival becomes tough as if we don’t get the energy to perform a task, then how will be performing it? Food is all we need if we are hungry. In India, we can find myriads of cultures and that’s why there is an Indian cuisine. But in Indian cuisine, there are a plethora of options which we get. From South to North to West to East, there is large variety of food in India. In this article, we will mainly talk about South Indian Restaurant.

South Indian Food Origin

South Indian food is the food prepared in the Southern part of our country. South Indian cuisine is all about idly, dosa, vada, rasam, sambhar, rice and so on. It generally differs from any other type of food. It is served on banana leaves with chutney or sauces. These foods are mixture of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nada, Karnataka, Telangana, and Kerala. These foods are mainly consumed to this part of our country though it has now widespread. South Indian food is considered to be healthy and is really delicious.

List of dishes of South Indian food

There are various kinds of South Indian Restaurant food in our country. Some of them are listed below.

  • Dosa: Dosa is made up of rice and black gram ground batter which is mixed and then left for some time to get fermented. It is usually flat in appearance. You can add salt in the batter also. There are too many restaurants which offer dosa.
  • Idly: Idly is made up of black lentils and rice which is mixed together and kept for fermentation. It is usually in a circle shape.
  • Rasam: Rasam is a liquid which is used with rice. It is made up of tamarind juice, tomato, chili, mixed with some seasonings. Lentils are also added to it sometimes with vegetables.
  • Payasam: Also known as firni or kheer, it is a famous dessert. It is made with rice, milk, sugar and dry fruits mixed in it. It is also flavored by cardamom and saffron.

What is Indian food delivery Cambridge?

Indian food delivery Cambridge is very famous in not only India but outside India also. So, you don’t need to be in India and have Indian food. You can have Indian food anywhere now. So, if you are in Cambridge, England and you are looking for Indian food delivery there, you can search for many applications and websites which will deliver the food you need at your doorstep. You can even call to stores of India food restaurant and ask them to deliver food. They won’t charge you anything if you meet the minimum order requirement. Home food delivery system is the best. For all those people who don’t love to go out or are too lazy to go out, you can order food online and also get discounts on such order.


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