Indian food is known for an exceptional authentic taste, making your taste buds swirl. The Indian spices havetheir place in the world ageing back to centuries ago. Very few Indian restaurants in America provides the same authentic taste of Indian spices. One of the most famous Indian restaurants in America is the Bukhara Indian Bistro. Bukhara is as famous in Massachusetts as in Delhi. The restaurant is serving the exceptional Indian taste in the US state for ages now. Besides being known for the best Indian food, both in terms of quality and taste, theplace is also known for the best Indian food delivery in the state.

If you’re in a mood to have some traditional Indian delicacies while relaxing at your home, Order now from Bukhara. The place provides great taste and quick delivery. The place is a paradise for chicken and mutton lovers. The place gets you a great kebab menu that it would be hard to choose from.Besides the taste in the food, theplace is known for the quality of the food served. The birds/ animals used to cook food are 100% healthy to be eaten. All the ingredients used are fresh and chosen very selectively. The restaurant is a workplace for a huge team of people working together to make your experience with Bukhara unforgettable and to keep having you again and again for their great food.

A quick look at the menu served at Bukhara

The most popular dishes of the place include:

  • Meat samosas –The restaurant serves two pieces of the spicy snack with a filling of lamb (minced) at a reasonable cost of $5.
  • Vegetable samosas – If you’re vegetarian, you’re going to love these spicy snack stuffed with potatoes and green peas costing just $4 for 2.
  • Malai Kofta – Malai Kofta is a dish made with 2 balls of paneer, stuffed with vegetables and nuts in a creamy sauce made out of nuts and dairy with some fresh spices and herbsfor $15.
  • Paneer Saag – This is one of the most famous delicacies of Indian made with spinach cooked with pieces of fresh cottage cheese and spices,and you surely can’t miss the chutney served with it at just $14.
  • Shahi Paneer Korma – Pieces of freshly hand made cottage cheese in a sauce of cream and nuts with original Mughlai flavours is surely mouth-watering at a very reasonable price of $15.
  • MurghTikka Masala –Diced, boneless and smoked chicken, cooked in an Indian style tomato gravy served with a delicious green chutney at just $16.
  • Murgh Korma Entree – Boneless chicken cooked in the exotic Indian spices, nuts, herbs and creamy sauce. Served in a traditional Indian platter with chutney and papadum at just $15.
  • Murgh Makhni – If you say you don’t love butter chicken, you’re lying. The most loved butter chicken with a tangy sauce made with tomatoes and selected spices and herbs, served with rice and chutney, just like it should be at just $15.

Dine-in, order online or enjoy the Indian takeaway delivery with the Bukhara.


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