DMLT is in short for Diploma in Medical Lab Technician. One should undergo the Dmlt Course from the leading institution like OSPMI. On the successful completion of the course, the candidates can be placed in various institutions and enjoy a flying career. It is important for the candidates to make the right decision when undergoing the course.

Functions of the technician

They are said to examine the body fluid samples within the laboratory setting. This is to detect bacteria, parasites and other disease-causing microorganisms. The laboratory tests are performed in haematology, toxicology, microbiology, immunology and chemistry for diagnosing and treating patients. The qualified medical laboratory technicians are said to work in the different healthcare facilities including physician offices, hospitals, research laboratories, veterinary laboratories, health clinics, biotechnology companies and medical diagnostic laboratories.

Detailed work of the technician

The work of the medical laboratory technician usually starts with setting up as well as adjusting the lab equipment. Their tasks throughout the day tend to include collection and receiving of blood, urine, tissue, including other fluid samples of the patients. The samples are then to be prepared for routine testing. This is done using an automatic analyser or microscope to derive results detecting diseases or abnormalities. The results obtained are then placed into the computer for analysis. To achieve this, tables, charts, graphs are used. Some samples might have to be stored within controlled conditions for near future use. They are to clean the lab equipment regularly to ensure it is ready for next day usage.


The lab technician’s career can be really rewarding. Also, it can be challenging. The person needs to work with the other professionals like physicians and scientists. The technician needs to be detail oriented and patient, as they are regarded to be the significant professional traits. Information collected needs follow patient confidentiality practice and data protection act.

Training, education and certification

The applicant is to possess high school diploma for entering into the medical laboratory technician course. They are then needed to complete associate degree such as two-year education program. Also, is present one-year certificate program from hospitals in related fields like nursing. The technicians do have restricted duties, such as not being able to carry out complex lab tests like that of the medical laboratory technologist. The training programs can help the trainees to acquire necessary skills and knowledge required for entering the workforce. Hands-on practice is offered to students in laboratory settings at OSPMI. The certified technicians can enjoy getting better job opportunities and higher salaries. The technicians aspiring to complete the much-coveted program are to appear for the licensing exam. For maintaining the certification, annual educational credits are an absolute must.

Work environment

The lab technicians are required to work primarily in laboratories and hospitals including veterinary labs and research specialty labs. Some can find jobs in biotech companies, health clinics and public health centres.

Discussing with the professionals at OSPMI can help the candidate to join the course with full knowledge of the type of career to be enjoyed.


OT Course can enjoy a fabulous career and high pay package on the successful completion of their course from reputed institutions like OSPMI.

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