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Agra, famous for the iconic wonder Taj Mahal, has a rich history and magnificent monuments, which attracts the tourists from all over the world. Agra as many shopping centers and one the most famous one is Sadar Bazar is well known for its handicraft materials. It also has many great places for delicious food. Agra is well known for its street food but at the same, it has many best bars, pubs, and clubs which will just leave you amazed. So here we got you a list of best bars pubs clubs in Agra.

Bangalore city is well known as “garden city”, is having a lot more than just IT industries. It has many great shopping centers, some of the best restaurants, pubs, clubs, and bars which makes your experience worthwhile in the city. Koramangala is located in the south-eastern part of the city. The bars and clubs in Koramangala never fail to give its visitors the best nightlife. So here is the list of best pubs bars in Koramangala.

  1. Glassy, Fatehabad Road – It’s one of the finest restro-bar in Agra. It contains a well-stocked bar serving multiple cuisines. You can get an amazing view of Taj from this place. You have outdoor seating available. It’s a great place to hang out with your squad. You can grove to the music and have a great fun time with your friends. It is one of the best bars pubs clubs in Agra.
  2. Thor the party world, Tajganj – Its ranked under top 3 clubs in Agra. It has hosted 100 parties and is an amazing place for partying in Agra. Their parties feature DJ nights, Neon party, Karaoke night nothing more is needed for an awesome nightlife. They also have a gaming area, with amazing drinks including beers, whiskey, cocktails, mocktails. It is one of the best bars pubs clubs in Agra.
  3. Tapas, Jaypee Agra, Tajganj – The ambiance is very peaceful and lovely equipped with beautiful sofas. This is one of the finest bars in Agra with full bar menu along with finger food. Surely you won’t regret so next time you have any plans to party with your squad then head over to this place for a great nightlife experience. It is one of the best bars pubs clubs in Agra.

Traveling from Agra to Kormangala!! We have got your food covered.

  1. Sotally Tober – It’s well known in the city for its beautiful decor, amazing ambiance, live music, and service. They serve Chinese and Indian cuisines. They have outdoor seating as well which is just amazing. Cocktails are the must-try drinks at this place. Popular dishes are Barbeque Chicken Pizza, Martini, Nachos, and Wedges. You will definitely have one of the best nightlife experience. So do visit here at least once. It is one of the best pubs, bars in Koramangala.
  2. Brooks and Bonds Brewery – It’s a casual dining restro-bar, with a vibrant ambiance. This place as a microbrewery. It serves multiple cuisines like North Indian, Chinese, Continental, Mediterranean and finger food. The tops picks of this restaurant are salads, cocktails, pizza, Mango Cider, Craft Beer, and Potato Wedges. Along with the rooftop, it also as indoor and outdoor seating. It is one of the best pubs, bars in Koramangala.
  3. House of Commons – Though it’s a new entrant, in no time it has gained a lot of popularity in the city. They serve the liquors at low prices. It’s a budget-friendly restro-bar. The continental dishes are best prepared and well presented. Tandoori Chicken, Ghee Roast Mutton, Martini, Chaap are the famous North Indian dishes. They also have DJ performance so you will have a great time with your friends. It is one of the best pubs, bars in Koramangala.

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